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Jul 9, 2011 03:03 PM

Asian restaurants in Cary

I have cause these days to venture forth from the food mecca of Durham and Chapel Hill to Cary, which I know isn't exactly a food desert, but my boyfriend hasn't been particularly adventurous up until this point. I'm psyched to explore the Asian restaurants in Cary. Do folks have particular recommendations?

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  1. I am a huge fan of the szichuan dishes at Super Wok, which is near the intersection of Chatham Street and Maynard.

    Super Wok
    1401-L SE Maynard Road, NC 27511

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    1. re: rafeco

      I second Super Wok. It's wonderful authentic Chinese food. Can't beat it.

      Super Wok
      7550 Dorchester Rd Unit F, North Charleston, SC 29418

    2. C & T Wok in Morrisville off Morrisville Carpenter Rd. (Chinese & Thai is what the restaurant name is based on) I would suggest starting with the Greg Cox review in the N&O (might have been 1.5 yrs ago) We had lunch there yesterday - homemade silken tofu ($2.50- available sweet or savory - we did savory - chili oil on top, ginger, and other seasonings) Cold Szech Noodles - my tongue was actually numb from the peppercorns) and beef with leeks, chiles, black bean.
      Another favorite is the Bamboo Shoot salad.
      The menu is broken down by 'expected' Chinese, Thai and 'real' Chinese - pork intestines, jelly fish, beef tendon, preserved cabbage, etc.
      Small interior, mostly Asian clientele, far from fancy, but very good food. The staff is very happy to discuss the menu with you as well. Highly recommend!

      1. Thanks for your suggestions. Keep 'em coming! Some friends I met also suggested BombayBeijing (, and last night my BF and I checked out the Lotus Leaf Cafe, which is my favorite Thai restaurant so far. Spicy! Fresh! Yay!

        Lotus Leaf Cafe
        969 N Harrison Ave, Cary, NC 27513

        1. Dim Sum House in Morrisville if you'd like to eat some dim sum. It's right next to Babymoon Cafe.

          There's always the cafe at Grand Asia supermarket which is off of Buck Jones in Cary. Taipei 101 is "downtown" Cary and has some authentic Taiwanese dishes. As does Taipei Cafe which is in Morrisville.

          I 3rd Super Wok and 2nd C&T Wok. All good choices.

          Dim Sum House
          100 Jerusalem Dr, Morrisville, NC 27560

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          1. re: Leadmine

            What do you recommend besides bakery and Baozi at Grand Asia? I'm looking for non Chinese American.

            1. re: burgeoningfoodie

              I tend to stick with stuff I couldn't cook on my own. Their lion's head is consistently decent. Da tsang as well so long as it isn't mostly filler. Other times, depending on how it looks, the fish of the day in addition to the nyo jing. (please forgive any pinyin errors here)

              Mind you, I prefer A&C to GA both for the food and the people, but GA is a decent choice when necessary.

          2. For Thai food I like Tom Yum Thai. Very close to Cary Towne Center Mall.

            Around the corner from the Thai place is a Korean Grocery with a restaurant inside. I haven't had a chance to try it, but when I see diners they look satisfied! Food looks and smells great!

            I 3rd Super Wok!