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Gashouse Keeps Getting It Wrong

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A friend and I had lunch at Gashouse this past week. It was my friend's first meal there. It will probably be his last. I have eaten there several times before and know it to be inconsistent. On this occasion we went in about 1:30 p.m. There were diners at four or five tables on the patio. We chose to eat in the dining room and were the only people eating inside.

The advertised lunch special was chicken-fried steak, mashed potatoes and grilled vegetables. My friend asked the waiter if he could substitute a salad for the vegetables. The waiter didn't know. Said he would ask. I ordered a hamburger. Waiter asked how I wanted it done and I told him medium-well. A few minutes later he returned and said "We're not serving the chicken-fried steak any more but we have fried chicken." Bless his heart. He obviously has no clue what chicken-fried steak is. My friend just went ahead and ordered a burger -- medium.

The waiter left and in another few minutes he reappeared and asked if my friend still wanted the salad. No. Not with a burger. After a very long wait, in spite of their not being busy, our burgers were served. The waiter set them on the table and left. My medium-well burger was medium-rare at best. My friend's medium burger was rare -- parts of it were actually bloody, cooked inconsistently as if done in a microwave. By this time were dying to get out of there, so we ate what we could -- the fries were good. The next time we saw the waiter we asked for the check. While we were waiting for that, some other guy (don't know who or what he was because he didn't tell us) came over and asked us how everything was. We told him the burgers were undercooked. He offered to give us take-out boxes so we could take it home. No, thanks.

I'm just glad I didn't order the king crab legs that were posted on the chalkboard at $49.99 per pound!

34185 Highway 6, Edwards, CO 81632

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  1. DD, the Gashouse and the Saloon are 2 places that the only thing I'd order was a beer. Fun mountain atmosphere, maybe, but the "food" not very good. The place to try in Edwards for breakfast and lunch is Cafe163 across from Larkburger. Also Cafe Milano near the I70 exit is very good. The chef from the Beav Hayatt bought Gore Range Brewery and plans to improve the food. They are still working on getting their license to brew more beer.

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      I've heard of Milano, but haven't eaten there. Have never heard of Cafe 163. Is it where the sushi place used to be?

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        DD, that's it, use to be Sato's which is now in Edwards Corner (same development as Dish). 163 is very local friendly, great staff, the corned beef hash is wonderful.

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          Cool. I'll have to give it a try. Didn't even know it was there.