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Jul 9, 2011 02:38 PM

Now in Rome -- bar recs for good Negroni and free snacks

We're in Rome for a couple of days. We love to find nice bars/cafes that make a good Negroni or Americano and serve complimentary chips/nuts, etc. along with it. It's one of those small quintessential Italian experiences we enjoy. Thing is, we have only been to places around Campo dei Fiori. They're not terrific and so touristy. Any other recs of nice bars that do that tradition well? Thanks!

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  1. Hotel de Russie if you don't have budget limitations. Otherwise Salotto Locarno (not far and inside an hotel too) or Salotto 42 (on the amazing piazza di Pietra!) are good options with more "moderate" prices.

    Salotto 42
    Piazza di Pietra 42, Rome, Lazio 00126, IT

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