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Jul 9, 2011 02:27 PM

salad in arles or environs

Seeking rec for lunch time salad (open sunday) in arles or between arles and stes marie de la mer. Thanks

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  1. If all you want is a salad, almost any place will do. If already in Arles, head to the Place du Forum where there are many places from which to choose.

    1. La Chassagnette in the Camargue.It will be more than a salad, but it will come from their garden.

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      1. re: beaulieu

        I vote for Chassagnette instead of wasting a meal in Arles on salady stuff.

        1. re: beaulieu

          Do you really think that all the salads and vegetables that they serve really come from their own garden? the garden isn't really that big.

          1. re: sderham

            It looked big enough to me. Plants grow rapidly in the climate of the Camargue.

            1. re: beaulieu

              Thanks for the rec. We will try La Chassagnette some other time as I posted too late for our trip yesterday. We ended up at a cafe on place du forum in arles called tambourin which was very mediocre.

              1. re: degustazione

                Now this killed me so I finally joined up so that I could offer a reply. I live in Arles and rule number 1 is to NEVER eat on the Place du Forum. I wish I had seen this beforehand! Sadly, there are many touristic restaurants in Arles that rely on a huge COSTCO like store called Metro in Nimes. It is open to professionals only and sells, amongst other things, frozen lunches and dinners. Scary but true.

                The "16" is specialized in salads but is closed on Sundays. For a very casual lunch, I prefer the Cuisine du Comptoir. Their formule is 11€ and with that you have a giant fresh salad, a tartine of your choice (foie gras or duck and emmenthal are my piggyesque faves) and either a glass of wine or an espresso.

                For more than a salad I would heartily recommend L'Autruche, my current favorite for their lunch menu at 17€--it is where Rabanel eats on his days off...very, very fresh and an incredible buy for the money.

                As for La Chassagnette, I remember that they used to have an additional garden off-site as well that was run by the same team--not sure if that is still the case.

                And just a thanks for all of the great advice that I have gleaned as a lurker!

                1. re: HeatherinArles

                  We went to L'Autruche recently on your recommendation, and it was wonderful - one of the few faultess meals I have had. Very little choice, but amazing flavour combinations and textures - really good. It's 25 Euro for the menu (two courses only - it's 29 for three) - so a fair bit more than you said, but we loved it. Strangley, it was located outide a hotel in the Place du Forum - I think this is temporary, though - mabe they are refurbishing their restaurant?

                  Thanks for the recommendation. We were only in Arles for a few hours before our flight from Nimes, but I would love to go back and see more of the town - it's lovely.

                  1. re: Theresa

                    Hey there Theresa, I am glad you enjoyed it! Yep, the team from the Autruche has moved to the Brasserie Nord-Pinus at the hotel of the same name. I would have updated here save that I haven't yet been myself--although everyone I know that has gone has loved it. The space is much larger, much nicer and they are upping the ante on the menu, hence the price increase. I think that they are going after their first star and I bet they will get it! And glad that you liked my town--yes, do come back!

                    1. re: HeatherinArles

                      So is that a permanent move? And I fell a little bit in love with Arles that afternoon.

                      1. re: Theresa

                        It is! I hope that you went inside as well--the room is so gorgeous as is the bar (not run by Fabien and Ouira but very cool). They are planning to develop a wine bar in the back this winter and I will really look forward to it. They are the nicest couple so I am thrilled for them that such a big investment is paying off for them!

                        1. re: Parigi

                          Just wish they were a tiiiny more welcoming to non-hotel guests. And the prices for a mojito on the terrace? 15€ :O