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Jul 9, 2011 02:03 PM

Weekday Lunches in Chula Vista

I recently started working in Chula Vista and am seeking places to go out to for lunch during the week. So far I've tried (and enjoyed) Tacos El Gordo, Mariscos El Pescador, and Aqui es Texcoco. I'm especially interested in finding at least a couple of vegetarian or vegetarian-friendly restaurants as one of our group members does not eat meat. My office is located near the E Street exit off of 5, and I'm wiling to drive up to about 15 minutes one way.

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  1. El Comal on 3rd (between E and F) has good vegetarian options.

    El Patio on Broadway serves breakfast until 2 and they have some good vegetarian options on the breakfast menu.

    El Patio Restaurant
    410 Broadway, Chula Vista, CA 91910

    El Comal
    262 3rd Ave, Chula Vista, CA 91910

    1. Tacos el poblano and Mea Kwan.

      Try the pan seared chicken green curry at Mea Kwan.

      1. I just had dinner last night at Teriyaki Grill on 3rd Ave. It was delicious and fresh. I was expecting your typical food court style Teriyaki place but was pleasantly surprised to find interesting specials and yum food. I wasn't looking for vegetarian options but I'm sure they could accomodate.

        I think their location or rather their appearance from the street may be unfortunate and won't draw people in but the boyfriend and I were so happy to find this little gem in CV.

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          Just started working in Chula Vista myself. Teriyaki Grill is walking distance from the office, have tried it 4-5 times. Would like to be more positive, but they're very inconsistant. Several dishes have a fried-egg option, should be very loosely fried for lots of yolkie goodness but cook is incapable of it. Even when sent back, second try returns with a solid yolk and edges fried to a fare thee well. Teriyaki bento box is decent, but "spicy" teriyaki just isn't. My sense is that no one has any training/experience in the restaurant biz. I'll go back, but with trepidation.

        2. Your vegetarian friend doesn't eat meat? Does that apply to seafood? If it does then you can leave him/her at work and go to TJ Oyster Bar in Bonita. It's east from where you are located, but you can order in advance, take the 54 E exit off the 805 for a quicker route. Their seafood is amazing. Make sure you order in advance or you'll be stuck there for at least 30mins. they're always busy. Shrimp cocktails, fish tacos, and their tostadas are delicious!

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            mmm...TJ Oyster Bar is delicius!

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              It is! I'm completely addicted to that place! Also, forgot to mention on J and Broadway Joe and Ernie's pizzeria, delicious. Plus, they have pretty good salads and you can order in advance or they deliver. My favorite place for a quick lunch.

          2. Gotta second on El Pescador (try the Marlyn taco) and Tacos el Gordo (cabeza, lengua, mmmmm).