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Jul 9, 2011 01:53 PM

Whole Wild Salmon Tails - recipe ideas??

My local fishmonger gave me a bag holding 4 whole Wild Sockeye tails. I guess these are left after they cut the whole fish into steaks.
Any ideas??

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  1. Is there any meat on the bones? I love grilled salmon teriyaki.

    If you really did just get a bag of caudal fins, then you could try making fish stock or dredge the bones in seasoned flour and deep fry. The crispy bones would be delicious.

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      I got the entire tail section of the fish. Skin on, bone in, etc. I guess I could make salmon Osso Bucco :)

    2. season or marinate them however you'd like, and bake or broil (or poach in a seasoned liquid)...then flake apart the meat to use in anything from a salmon salad to quiche to croquettes. the tails don't often have much in the way of bones, but if you do have some leftover you can use them for stock.