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Jul 9, 2011 01:42 PM

Gruner Veltliner? is this scotch of the Wine world?

Had dinner on Fri and tried something that I thought was a Riesling since it is 31 days of Riesing in many SF restaurants. My server did say that it was not but I tried it anyhow as she described the subtle smoke and and fruit as delicious. It was like drinking the wine equivalent of Laphroaig. I can't sat if it was good or bad, just not for me. This was from Josef Hogl. Looked up the grape and G-V is a large grape in Austria. So my question is - Are wines this smoky, a stlye of the vintner, the grape, or the ground? Or perhaps just a bad glass of wine?

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  1. I love Gruner Veltliner and have NEVER had one that I would describe as "smoky" . . . .certainly none that were reminiscent -- in even ther remotest way -- of something as peaty and smoky as Laphroaig . . .


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      This was at Range in SF if you are familiar with it. When the server said smoky, I was thinking oaky as in Chards But this was peatmoss and campfire.

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        As I said, I have *never* had a GV that I would ever describe as "smoky." If you want to learn about Gruner Veltliner, first look here:

        Secondly, take a look at the following producers IN the catalog . . .

        H.u.M. Hofer -- the GV is available in 1.0L for $12.99-14.99, and is the closest thing to a "house wine" in my house. It's a great Gruner to start with, and one that's easy to love!

        In random order, some of the very finest producers include: Nigl, Bründlmeyer, Berger, Schloss Gobelsburg . . .


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          Jason, any idea if this

          is the wine Thiese is referring to when he refers to "the entirely quotidian, every-day Grüner Veltliner from the second label of SCHLOSS GOBELSBURG" as the Wine of the Vintage?

          edit: I read further down and realized it is the wine he's referring to

    2. Agree completely with Jason, love Gruner and hate scotch, thus no smokiness in my experience. Cannot imagine what made it smoky.

      1. It's the style of the vintner because I have had a smoky one in Vienna; they said it came from charring the barrel (okay…).

        To Jason's list, I would add Prager (my favorite), PX Pichler, Knoll and Hirtzberger. If it's not your style I hope that you try another Grüner Veltliner, because the wines are both delicious and food-friendly.

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          Thanx, Thought maybe it was me ;-)

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            I have been a fan of Gru-Ve for a few years now. I never think of it as smoky either. I find it an easy sipping great summer food mixer, and well something different to bring to the party.

            But I have only drank relatively young ones. BC is not the "aged" capitol of the world. And I do think I have read that is a wine you can store and it might get better.

            So..maybe you had a great aged Gru-Vee that we havn't been exposed to.

            I personally love a good scotch, thu I'm more of a Glengoyne girl...less peat more heather. So I would like to know what you actually drank.


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              josef hogl grüner veltliner ‘schön’ federspiel 2008, austria This is the listing on the menu. Don't think of this as well aged

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            I wholehearted agree with the recommendations of Prager, Pichler, Koll, and Hirtzberger -- great producers! -- but I was staying with Terry Theise, given the link I included in the above post.

          3. i've read tasting notes that attribute a gunsmoke nose to some it possible that's what you were noticing? i imagine it might be similar to the peaty smoke that's characteristic of Laphroaig.

            i'm no expert, but i figured i'd toss it out there.

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              IMHO..there is no missing the almost idodine whiff from Laphroaig, it's no Ardbeg by any means but crikey...It's a crisp german style wine popular with students.

            2. Never tasted much smoke in GV, but always some flint/mineral notes that are just fine. But I've not explored those that might be oaked enough to send a smoke signal. BTW, Scotch can also mean lovely and fragrant Speysides that have no smoke.