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Jul 9, 2011 01:17 PM

Best foodie experiences for bike trip in Dordogne

Heading to Dordogne for a bike trip (2 couples) in September and would love some suggestions for lunch and dinners along the way. Merci en avance!

Tremolat..Les Eyzies...Sarlat..Lacave...Rocamadour..Carsac...Belves

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  1. We do a bike trip in France every year, its really a wine and food trip with some biking (30Km a day) thrown in. We usually do Burgundy and one other region in France. What has always surprised me is how nice the lunch places treat us, even though we are in bike clothes (spandex like) and some of look akin to the Michelin Man. When we ask to be seated, I say its alright to put us in a corner where we don't standout, particularly in one star places. How we appear never bothers the restaurant and they seat us at very nice tables. I love riding in France.

    1. In the dordogne at the moment staying outside Souillac. Here are my suggestions for you. tremolat of course is the site of Le Vieux Logis which has a great lunch at excellent value. Across the street is their bistro which is also good. In Lacave is Le Pont de L'Ouysse which has one Michelin star. Somewhat formal food but very informal setting on the terrace. chateau de la Treyne is also in LaCave but is very very expensive. If you swing thru Martel the Relais St. Anne is excellent. Lunch Is available only on weekends.