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Jul 9, 2011 01:16 PM

Weekend in Boston with The Mom...

As the title says, I'm spending next weekend in Boston with my mom, and am looking for restaurant recommendations. One night she wants to go to a North End Italian, so I booked a table for Mamma Maria. But I don't know where to go on the other night. My mother is a very, very picky eater - not the least bit adventurous, and prone to just zeroing in on whatever on the menu is closest to a plain roasted chicken. On the other hand, I like my food to be a little more creative. Can anyone recommend a restaurant that'll satisfy both of us? Additional considerations: because we're already set for Mamma Maria's, I'm not looking for anyplace Italian; and neither of us eat seafood. Also, we're staying in the Back Bay, but wouldn't mind taking a taxi to another part of the city if the food's worth it. Any help appreciated!

Mamma Maria Restaurant
3 North Sq, Boston, MA 02113

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  1. Hamersley's Bistro has a very mom-friendly menu. Their roast chicken is so good that even non-boring eaters order it, and they have lots of other interesting things for you.

    Hamersley's Bistro
    553 Tremont Street, Boston, MA 02116

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    1. re: Isolda

      I was going to suggest Hamersley's as well. If mom zeros in on roast chicken why not take her for the best in town? You'll find other interesting things to delight you and the room is posh enough for mom but not sedate.

      Or you could hop in a cab and take her where I always take my mom -- Rendezvous in central square.

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        roast chicken and Hammersley's was my first thought too!

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          If for whatever reason Hamersley's (which is an excellent suggestion) doesn't work, my go-to restaurant when friends are staying in the Back Bay is Brasserie Jo: good menu with less-than-adventurous options and some more intriguing choices, plus it's a very nice room.

          Brasserie Jo
          120 Huntington Avenue, Boston, MA 02116

    2. I agree with the other posters: you pretty much described Hamersley's. Still, I will add a few options from Harvard Square in Cambridge.

      Sandrine's Bistro, with tasty French/Alsatian fare.

      Upstairs on the Square, which is delightful in both food and decor.

      Harvest, particularly if you can get an outdoor patio table on a pleasant evening.

      8 Holyoke St., Cambridge, MA 02138

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      1. Maybe give Stephanie's on Newbury a look. They are also good for lunch/brunch, if you are looking for that as well.

        1. Both Hamersley's and Rendezvous look very mom-friendly... Thanks again to all you Chowhounders for the tips!