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Jul 9, 2011 12:29 PM

Ortanique, Grand Cayman

This was my first visit to this restaurant and I was very impressed. I had a tuna tartar appetizer and a snapper entree. The food was excellent . My companion had a fish stew which was also excellent. The service was very good. The place has a lively atmosphere. Definitely a place to try when you tire of tourist traps like the Wharf.

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  1. George, when did this restaurant open? Have not heard of it before. We are going to be in GC in August and I would love to find a couple of good new places down there that are not, as you describe, "tourist traps like the Wharf." Ain't it so! It has been several years since we were there and I seem to remember a place called Calypso, or something like that, that we liked. Do you know anything about it? What about (talk about tourist traps) Grand Old House? Is it still going?

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      Ortanique has been open for about a year. It is in Camana Bay. We went to La Dolce Vita in its new location close to the water in Georgetown., and we enjoyed it. Ristorante Pappagallo and Ragazzi are also good choices. We have not yet gone to Michael's Genuine,also in Camana Bay, but I know he has a good reputation in Florida. Calypso Grill is still in West Bay. I went last year, I thought it went down hill. Grand Old House and the Lobster pot are still there. If you want sushi in a lively atmosphere, consider Bamboo.

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        Thanks for the info. Have you eaten at Eric Ripert's place, Blue? We love Le Bernardin, but I wonder how that translates to the Caribbean. I am also thinking about trying Tim Buc Tuu and Sunshine Grill for more casual fare. Any other thoughts?

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          Blue is very pricey CI$ 110 (137.50 US$). The wine list is expensive, so you won't find much wine you would want to drink for less than CI$70.It was an enjoyable experience, you should try once, but give all the good restaurants in Grand Cayman , I am not going back. 7 Prime, also in the Ritz Carlton is not worth the price. It is an overpriced steakhouse. If go to Manhattan you can find better. In Grand Cayman if I wanted steak would go to Copper Falls.

          Other considerations, if you like fish you should try Agua. It is across the street from the beach, south Seven Mile Beach. They had excellent cerviche.
          Tim Buc Tuu is a great place to try. It has relatively low prices, large portions and island food and atmosphere. Another inexpensive place across the street from Tim Buc Tuu is Alfresco's. It is a small place with a platform on the beach, the food is good.
          Everyone loves the Sunshine Grill, but I am not a fan. It may be that I did not order the fish tacos which everyone loves. It also can be very crowded given its reputation.

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            Thanks. We'll be there in a month. I'll report when we get back.