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Jul 9, 2011 12:10 PM

Restaurant that serves sweetbreads

After all our trips to Montreal, we have yet to try sweetbreads. I have been told it's somewhat an acquired taste and, indeed, a "texture" thing.
We were all set to order sweetbreads on our trip last year, but most of the restaurants said it's on the menu generally in the winter months. Is this true? We almost always go to Montreal in summer.
Can anyone recommend a restaurant that makes excellent sweetbreads? A byo in the plateau would be preferred.
Thank you.

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  1. I think Lemeac (not a byob) have it everyday.

    1. Bleu Raisin has had them in the past, even in summer, but you should call and ask as the menu does change. Very good restaurant, too.

        1. re: stephlovestoeat

          Unless I'm mistaken, La Salle a Manger had popcorn sweetbreads on their menu about two weeks ago when I was last there.

        2. Not BYO but it's in the plateau 5ème Peché usually has sweetbread on their menu and Benoit's are among the best in this city, give them a call. Otherwise Club Chasse et Pêche and DNA are also amazing albeit not in the area you specified and at a higher price range but definitely worth it.

          1. I loved the Sweetbreads and Lobster at Le Filet on Mont Royal West (owners are Club Chasse et Peche)Great little resto in the plateau where they serve "Tapas"style.Not BYO but they have a great selection of wine by the bottle and glass.