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Jul 9, 2011 09:16 AM

San Fransisco / Napa Valley Trip - in 2 weeks!

Need help! My family and I are traveling to San Fransisco for 5 nights. We will be staying at the Hyatt Grand Regency in the Financial District as it is the hub for the San Fransisco Marathon which I will be participating in on July 31st. Husband and 2 daughters (ages 11 and 13) will be with me. Also meeting brother and his wife who are traveling from Hawaii. Need suggestions for things to do and places to eat. Alcaltraz is definite. Should we go at night? Also want to work in a Muir Woods/ Redwood/ Sausalito trip; and a day trip to Napa or Sonoma via limo to visit some wineries. Would also like to take a limo for nice dinner one night when we are there. Suggestions?

Arrive on Friday the 29th, around noon. Suggestions for afternoon exploring and dinner?

Saturday, 30th; suggestions for things to do? Bkfst, lunch and dinner?

Sunday, 31st, Race Day; early am. Need suggestions for things to do, lunch and dinner.

Monday, 1st. all suggestions welcome.
Tuesday, 2nd; all suggestions welcome.
Wednesday, 3rd; we leave for home in the early afternoon. Suggestion for breakfast?

My daughters are great sports and love to travel with us so I'd like them to go to wineries with us one day. Do the wineries allow this?

My brother and his wife are foodies. Tyler Florence is my favorite chef so I was thinking his restaurant should make our final itinerary.

Other than that we are open. We could even possibly extend our trip a few days if having a great time. My brother and his wife will be there through the 7th.

Any comments are much appreciated.

Tyler Florence Shop
59 Throckmorton Ave, Mill Valley, CA

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  1. You should definitely plan to visit the Farmers Market at the Ferry Building on Saturday morning.

    You should also spend 15-20 minutes scrolling thru the many threads already here with hundreds of recommendations already here and available to you.

    You should also define what kinds of foods your are interested in eating (Mexican, Vietnamese, Italian, seafood, Thai, etc.) and what general price ranges you are looking for.

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    1. re: DavidT

      Thank you for your response. We will plan to go the Farmers Market on Sat am. I have taken your advice and spent a great deal of time scrolling through many threads re San Fran restaurants. I have also narrowed our daily itinerary.

      On Friday, we arrive late at SFO at 6:25. We will need a place near Hyatt Regency in the Financial District on Embacadero to get a light bite to eat before retiring after a day of travel. Walking distance preferred. Any suggestions?

      On Saturday, we will go to the Farmer's Market for breakfast and then take a 3 hour tour of the city to get the lay of the land. Perhaps lunch in China town? Suggestions? We would like to have Italian for dinner on Sat night. While we like fine dining we do not want to go to too stuffy a place this night, although we prefer authentic Italian food over American Italian. Suggestions?
      What about the Fior d Italia on North Beach at the San Remo Hotel?

      Sunday: San Fran Half Marathon Race Day. Thereafter, we plan to visit Golden Gate Park and attend Mass at Old St. Mary's. Any suggestions for lunch around Golden Gate Park and dinner around St. Mary's? We would like to go somewhere nice for a celebratory dinner. Price not a consideration.

      Monday, Alcatraz Day after lunch. Will stop by the Wharf beforehand. Suggestions for lunch around Alcatraz Pier? Dinner Suggestion? Perhaps Tyler Forence's new place in the financial district?

      Tuesday; muir woods and napa day. Any suggestions for gourmet picnic lunch and really nice dinner in napa to cap off our trip?

      Thank you!

      1. re: clakeyroman

        Muir Woods AND Napa in one day is a huge undertaking - are you staying in Napa after to continue? Otherwise it is a wasted trip...

        1. re: clakeyroman

          Barbacco is a few blocks from the Hyatt and they have some great lighter dishes.

          Italian, Perbacco does Piemontese and Ligurian dishes with a Cal twist. A16 does very traditional Neapolitan. La Ciccia is Sardinian. Ideale is Roman. Pesce is Venetian. Cotogna and Incanto are Cal-Italian with no particular regional focus. Quince, Acquerello, and (despite the name) SPQR are sort of Frenchified Italian.

          La Ciccia
          291 30th Street, San Francisco, CA 94131

          230 California St, San Francisco, CA 94111

          2355 Chestnut St., San Francisco, CA 94123

          2227 Polk St, San Francisco, CA 94109

          1315 Grant Ave, San Francisco, CA 94133

          Acquerello Restaurant
          1722 Sacramento St., San Francisco, CA 94109

          1911 Fillmore Street, San Francisco, CA 94115

          230 California St, San Francisco, CA 94111

          490 Pacific Ave, San Francisco, CA 94133

      2. There's:

        1. Hyatt Regency (Drumm/California)

        2. Grand Hyatt (Stockton/Sutter)

        You are probably at # 1.

        Book ahead on line for Alcatraz. Go early for breakfast (short walk) on Sat. for ferry bldg, farmer's mkt -- plenty of choices.

        Make res. ahead for T. Florence's Wayfare Tavern.

        I really like Academy of Sciences in GG Park -- get there early. Food court is great, lots to choose from.

        Wayfare Tavern
        558 Sacramento Street, San Francisco, CA 94111

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        1. re: walker

          VERY disappointed in Wayfare Tavern -- if you go, only order the appetizers.

          Wayfare Tavern
          558 Sacramento Street, San Francisco, CA 94111

          1. re: zin1953

            I've had good main dishes at Wayfare: fried chicken, crab Louis, steak tartare (listed as an appetizer but big enough portion for a main).

            1. re: Robert Lauriston

              To each his (or her) own, Robert . . . there were four of us, and ALL of us were quite pleased with the appetizers, and underwhelmed with the entrées.

        2. You'll see several similar active threads listed at the bottom of this page, and more if you search on "Napa."

          And DavidT is right: you'll get more responses if you help us narrow down the options.

          1. If you are running the marathon, then you should not be doing much walking the day before, nor should you eat anything different than you have been the day before, but you probably know this. Don't do anything different or out of your usual routine. It's really important for you to save your energy for the race. I've run a marathon and many halfs before and the SF Marathon is a tough one. I give you early gratz for tackling it; there are many hills. :)

            Stick to a dinner of carb-loading! Go easy on the protein. Get lots of rest, very light sight-seeing. Drink TONS of water!

            Save your congratulatory eating for after when you can eat whatever you want! :D

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            1. re: isewinsf

              Thanks for the advice. It is my first half. Been training for months. Hills are a little daunting especially since I am from Florida, but I feel ready. Any suggestions for a celebratory dinner? This is our first time in San Fran. I was thinking a limo ride into Napa would be nice. Any suggestions on limo services or restaurants? Also, we plan to take a limo into Napa or Sonoma to visit some wineries later in the week. Any winery suggestions? Thanks!

              1. re: clakeyroman

                The Half is a great race! I've done it a few times so good luck to you! It's a tough one, especially with the hills but it will be gratifying for you! Check out the different links in here, lots of great suggestions for terrific res mentioned for dinner afterwards. Just make sure you get rest and tons of fluids the day before. I don't drink so I can't help you with the wineries.