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Jul 9, 2011 09:16 AM

Del Mar restaurants

We are heading down to Del Mar for my mom's 65th b-day. Last year we did a big to do in Vegas for my dad's and my mom's has to be somewhat scaled down due to a new baby in the family. I am looking for a suggestion for a good dinner restaurant for a group of 10 people including a new baby. Something with really good food and a nice atmosphere. We have people in the group who do not like fish, so something that is not all fish is good. Any recommendations?


Berkelite visiting in August

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  1. Kitchen 1540
    Blanca (in Solana Beach, about 5-10 min north of Del Mar)

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      Anything new in Del Mar since last summer during the Racetrack?

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            It's going to be in the Del Mar Highlands shopping mall. Don't know the address. Only know there is a Chuao Chocolate there for when I need a Mayan gelato fix. Rimel's is opening there too.

            Chuao Chocolate Cafe
            1935 Calle Barcelona # 172, Carlsbad, CA

            1. re: Island

              Interesting location.

              I wonder if you can be "North Counties Hottest New Restaurant" and be located in a shopping mall at the same time.


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                I believe they're taking the location on the corner of Del Mar Heights Rd and El Camino Real, which is a very large building, and although it's still within the Highlands shopping center, it's way larger and has more of a standalone look than other restaurants there and perhaps can create more of a separate presence.

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          I believe The Counter at DM Highlands is "new." Woo-hoo!

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          Thanks! Market couldn't take us until 8:30, but I got a reservation at Blanca and they were very accomodating. Really appreciate the help and will update on what we thought!

        3. Are you looking for a foodie experience? Blanca, Addison and Market Restaurant are all great places, I am not sure I would go to any of them with a party of 10 especially not with a new baby, but look them over and see what you think.

          I would be more inclined to recommend a middle of the road (cost wise) place like Jake's Del Mar, Prepkitchen, Sbicca Del Mar and Kitchen 1540 at L'Auberge.

          Jake's Del Mar
          1660 Coast Blvd, Del Mar, CA 92014

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            I would not include Kitchen 1540 in that group. It is a very high-end atmosphere and food experience. Really not middle of the road (cost wise) either. Nevertheless, highly recommended, but not with the baby. Sorry.

            1. re: scottca075

              I would skip Sbicca's unless they have dramatically redone their menu. Went too many times and left feeling that I overpaid for so-so food.

              Kitchen 1540 has a small private room in their wine cellar. Can't recall if it will fit 10 comfortably.
              Blanca's private room will fit 10 comfortably with baby.

              1. re: daantaat

                Kitchen 1540 is wonderful and has private cabanas outside, which would be a great way to go, if available at night and for the size of your party. I don't think the original poster said anything about wanting "middle of the road" which is good because Kitchen 1540 is not, either in price or quality.

            2. with a party that big, and especially with a new baby, I would recommend a spot that can set you up in a private room. Market is available for private parties and events. I just visited last night with a vegetarian, and a non-sea food eater, we were all very pleased.

              1. Blanca has a nice private room, very high end cuisine and flexible dining options to accommodate vegetarian and non-seafood diners.

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                  Just had another great tasting menu at Blanca at this weekend and also agree that their private dining room in the back might be a good place for such a group with a baby. Together with Kitchen 1540 the best food currently in SD for us.

                2. Blanca
                  Flavor in Del Mar
                  Rancho Valencia resort in RSF
                  Kitchen 1540 at L'Auberge Del Mar
                  AR Valentien at the Lodge at Torrey Pines

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                  1. re: Beach Chick

                    Have you been to Rancho Valencia recently? Since the Chef de Cuisine left, their food has allegedly gone back to the old tired 80's country club classics foods.