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Jul 9, 2011 09:13 AM

Festival de Lanaudiere/Joliette

We are going again to this wonderful music festival in/around Joliette. Looking for pre-concert dinner in either Joliette or Lavaltrie
We have done picnics on the lawn in the past, ....easy drive from Montreal....still yet to find best option...thanks

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  1. Positive find!...We ended up at a year old wine bar/pintxo (tapas) called Barca -132 St Charles-Borromé -Joliette-450-867-3771.
    We shared a selection for four people and had two extra dishes........excellent creativity, variety, new tastes, presentation.....
    Good wine list with reasonable values.....outdoor terrace, but we ate inside in clean, crisp design.
    Will definitely go back before next concert

    1. Hi. Reviving this thread. It appears Barca is out of our price range as one site reported it would cost about 125 for two people including wine. (And I couldn't find a menu online nor a website for the restaurant).
      Anyone have other suggestions for a decent meal in Joliette for no more than 50 or 60 for two without wine?