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If forced to eat something at The Seven's...

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...what would you suggest. I have an affinity for this divey wateringhole. It's like an dive bar that the preppy go to when they want to feel like they're slimming in, although Harpoons are still $6. Anyway, I often find myself hungry while there but have never been brave enough to take the culinary plunge. Is anything safe?

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  1. All the food is actually fine. Very basic, but not bad. Fine fit for the surrounding and the beer.

    1. Haven't been in there in years, but I recall the food being standard pub fare, not terrible. Hard-drinking crowd never seems to notice anything.

      My general strategy in any situation where I'm faced with terrible food is to pre-game, i.e., eat dinner somewhere I like first, then claim a "late lunch" at the bad-food venue and push a salad or something around my plate if forced to. Life's too short to endure a Cheesecake Factory meal.


      1. The sandwiches are generally OK. Try the french dip. Do they still have the chili? Try that also--edible, though "safe" probably depends on the consumer. ;-) I don't think anyone thinks they are slumming there.

        1. I love the potato salad! :)

          1. Good clam chowder.

            1. If you like Harpoon, you can walk down to boylston & gloucester (Back bay Social club) and get harpoon *imperial* ipa on tap, plus a great burger, and its not as cramped/divey as the Sevens. Just an idea.