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Jul 9, 2011 07:43 AM

Chef and the Farmer....Worth the trip from anywhere

Chef and the Farmer is a gem located in the small town of Kinston, NC....quite a ways from I-95, between Raleigh and well, the beach. But you won't be sorry if you come here...everything at this lovely restaurant housed in an old farmhouse is delicious, the service is outstanding, and the wine list extensive. They even have a wine shop attached!

As I was only one person, I could sample only one meal...but I will highly recommend everything I tried. The cucumber soup with curried shrimp and tomato, the Clam and Mussel pan roast, and the summer berry cobbler were all wonderfully seasoned with subtle, delicate flavors that complemented each item perfectly. The homebaked breads were unlike any I've sampled elsewhere and they kindly wrapped some up for me to take back to my was just as good for breakfast the next morning!

Check out their website for the latest menu, and if you are ANYWHERE in North Carolina, you will not be disappointed if you make the trip to Kinston for this restaurant.

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  1. I have never been there but they had the best dish I tasted at this year's Farm to Fork event. One day I hope to make it.