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Jul 9, 2011 05:23 AM

Downtown Pittsburgh - near Omni

Looking for interesting meals to take business acquaintances near the Omni in Pittsburgh.
I need some more Chowish Rec's.

Lidia's one night.... Sonoma another... so I need a few lunch places and maybe a late night spot within walking distance.

Is Primanti's too loud for a business lunch? I hear thats close... but may not be appropriate.

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  1. Business lunch - Nine on Nine or Penn Fish (Forbes Ave)
    Dinners - Eleven, Salt of the Earth or Spoon (skip Sonoma)
    Drinks - Embry or Nola

    Nine on Nine
    900 Penn Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15222

    1. Waling distance: NOLA in Market Square. Winghart's also possible if really good burgers fit "interesting". If you're meeting with wine lovers, The Carlton is solid. If it's beer lovers, Sharp Edge Emporium. Nine on Nine and Six Penn serve relatively late and have interesting menus. Elements also has good reviews on charcuterie and meat entrees.

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        Meat and Potatoes across from heinz hall.