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Jul 9, 2011 02:07 AM

Which FoodNetwork Hosts/Shows Do You Miss?

There have been countless threads already about how the network is just plain terrible, but I wanted to look back at the glory days and remember the shows that I used to actually enjoy-

-The Best Of
As a kid I thought it used to be a tad boring but now that I've grown up I realized how good it actually was... It's like a high-class normal version of Diners Drive ins and dives

-Sweet Dreams
Oh Gale Gand, come back to me. How I dearly loved your show. One day I will sneak into the FoodNetwork headquarters vault and steal all of your tapes. Alas, now you've been replaced by Anne Thornton

-Sara Moulton
Years ago i thought she was a bit uninteresting as well, but you know what? I learned a heck of a lot from her when I was a kid! Her French Apple Tart holds a special place in my heart

-From Martha's Kitchen
Pretentious? Utterly so. It was like watching the life you could only dream of having. However, she was still utterly informative and her guests were always entertaining

-Everyday Italian
I'm talking about her first few seasons where she was a bit on the shy side and taught honest to goodness humble Italian food. It's sad that I miss a show that is still relatively recent.

-How to Boil Water
Before that douche Tyler Florence and that idiotic blonde girl took over. The french chef and the hostess were extremely entertaining and hey- this show taught beginners how to cook in a non-condescending and non-prepackaged way... I'm shaking my finger at you

-Jacque Torres
Simply because he was the only one who catered towards professional amateurs who knew there way around the kitchen

Special Mentions:

-Calorie Commando
Simply because every single one of his recipe makeovers looked like a trainwreck- it was entertaining to see how bad his recipes turned out

-The old Paula Deen
As in the paula before she moved into her new house and now has to have her sons on every episode...

And if you need refreshing: a list of past and present FN programs

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  1. I miss Mario. I always liked how he knew the history of the dish he was making. It was very interesting.

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    1. re: kprange

      Me too. I learned so much from that show.

      I share the OP's thoughts on Sara Moulton.

      There was a show hosted by a white haired, bearded man that travelled and would cook with the chefs at local hotels and resorts. I didn't do much cooking back then but I loved watching the show

      1. re: cleobeach

        "There was a show hosted by a white haired, bearded man that travelled and would cook with the chefs at local hotels and resorts"
        Burt Wolfe?

      2. re: kprange

        Me three on Mario. And Sara Moulton. I liked all of her shows but sometimes just thoroughly enjoyed Cooking Live Primetime.

        1. re: debbiel

          All of the old seasons of Sara Moulton's "Sara's Secrets" & Mario Batali's "Molto Mario" are on Food Network's twin channel "The Cooking Channel" every morning here. Sara is on at 7 a.m., with Mario following her at 7:30. I watch them every morning.

        2. re: kprange

          Mario, loved the history too and how the guest "helped" out. Not on FT, but does anyone remember that crazy old Southern guy, that did a lot of cookin outside?

          1. re: JEN10

            "crazy old Southern guy, that did a lot of cookin outside?"
            Justin Wilson?

            1. re: Sherri

              He's the one, thanks Sherry. He was a hoot!!!

        3. Old Paula Deen
          Two Fat Ladies (I think I miss them most of all)
          Melting Pot
          All of Mario Batali's shows, even the Eats Italy one, corny as it was, but especially Molto Mario
          Sara Moulton

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          1. re: EWSflash

            LOVED Two Fat Ladies, reminded me of my Grandmother and her sisters.

            1. re: JEN10

              I wish I had a British grandma with a sharp wit and mad cooking skills...

            2. re: EWSflash

              Reserve Saturday evenings on Cooking Channel for the 2 ladies.

              1. re: EWSflash

                All episodes of Two Fat Ladies are available on a DVD set and it includes a special episode that is a tribute to Jennifer Patterson and her very interesting life.

                1. re: pamf

                  Thank you Pamf, I just added those to my Netflix Que.

              2. Has anyone looked up Sara's website?

                1. This predates FoodNetwork, and maybe even if I saw it now my opinion would be different, but as a teenager I adored Floyd on Fish.

                  1. I miss the David Rosengarten show, "Taste".