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What would you do Where would you go IF

YOUR 50th Birthday is on this day.

TIA from my hubby..who has no clue what to do
P.S. We're in the L.A. area

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  1. well, a small plates place and split one of everything on the menu.

    1. Find an 11 courses meal to keep with the theme

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        1. re: Charles Pepper

          Ah! Nigel Tufnel Day!

          I'm with Mr. Pepper - Eleven!

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            I think the menu at 11 would be a bit disappointing for a birthday bash, just for the sake of fitting the numerical theme.

            My favorite local small-plate places are Barbrix in Silver Lake and Palate in Glendale. It shouldn't be difficult to arrange an eleven-course repast at either.

            Palate Food & Wine
            933 South Brand Blvd, Glendale, CA 91204

            Barbrix Restaurant and Wine Bar
            2442 Hyperion Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90027

          2. I'd ask Providence to prepare an 11 course tasting menu.

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              Providence is great, so I like perk's idea -- especially if you start with something very hot and end with something very cold, as a nod to the last 11/11/11, when the Great Blue Norther blew down from the Arctic and caused Midwestern cities to break record lows on a day of record highs. I'm guessing it would be the first birthday dinner honoring an atmospheric event among Michelin-starred restaurants worldwide. Just don't go overboard and leave an 11-cent tip, or you'll see another Michelin first. ;-)

            2. Thank everyone! These are all fun ideas esp. Harry! An 11 course tasting menu sounds interesting! And, 11 candles on the B--day too right?