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Jul 8, 2011 09:41 PM

Sicily First Time.... Need Chow's Help

Coming from Canada for 5 days starting August 29. Travelling by car and spending the first few days moving as I track my families roots.
Day one -
Corleone for lunch
Snack in Mazzara Del Valo and short stop in Marsala. Dinner in Erice that evening.
Day Two - morning snack in Erice before trip to Segesta and then off to my aunts home.
Day Three - Drive to Taormina - Need Lunch and Dinner
Day four - Taormina Breakfast and lunch - Drive to Palermo - Need Dinner
Day Five - Breakfast and lunch in Palermo - Fly to Rome at 7pm

I'm asking to find great down to earth true Sicillian cuisine. Both casual or Mid to Higher End Main Meals. Snacks, where do you come across the best Panelle or Aranchini or other street food.
You name it Pasta, Carne, Fish, Wine. Please let me know some thoughts as I really could use your best advice. Must Places not to miss out on.

Thank you so much in advance,


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