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Jul 8, 2011 07:46 PM

Brava Rotisserie Grill in Hoover [Birmingham Alabama]

Charting out another trip through the great state of Alabama.

Read the above on the News' website and it piqued my interest.

Any Hoover hounds on the board?

How is Brava Rotisserie Grill?

It's hard to come through B'ham and not eat at one of my stalwarts but the review makes it sound pretty enticing.

Found a menu online as well:

5184 Caldwell Mill Rd

Hoover, Alabama


(205) 995-0003

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  1. I have been 3 times, and have always been satisfied with the quality of the food and service. My suggestion is that you order the plates vs. sandwiches. The sandwiches are a good value, but the taste of the pork or chicken can be overpowered by the pita. The sides are the stars of the show, however. Fries with a generous sprinkle of Manchego and parsley are delicous. The potatoes with balsamic are also great. The salads consist of fresh, good quality lettuces, not the wilted bagged stuff that you often find at fast casual restaurants. Their spicy sauce (Romesco, I think) is delicous and different. It's a thick almost paste-like red sauce that reminds me of the Middle Eastern harissa, but definitely different. If I had it at home, I'd eat it with my cereal.

    They also have available Good People beer. Since you're not local, give either the IPA or the Brown Ale a try if you imbibe.

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    1. re: G200

      Thanks for the reply.

      Who did they hire as the chef?

      A Spaniard, we hope.

      1. re: scrumptiouschef

        This is not the type of a place that hires a "chef", much like you would not find a chef at most fast-casual restaurants. The owner has family in and has spent time visiting Spain, thus the influence. I believe that the owner hopes to establish a reproducible concept. I have seen the same young guy behind the counter each time.

        I wish the restaurant's decor was a bit softer. On a night that's cool enough, diners can easily enjoy a leisurely meal at an outside table, but the inside dining is a little less inviting for those long meals.

        1. re: G200

          thanks again.

          The menu looked fairly ambitious and I figured they might have a chef in the back to handle the paella and what have you.

          Maybe there will be Brava Rotisserie Grills all the way out here in Austin one day.

          1. re: scrumptiouschef

            Your welcome. I really hope you give them a try. As far as paella - I haven't ventured it. I haven't eaten paella since I visited Tampa's Columbia restaurant. I'm assuming that a fast casual restaurant can't touch Columbia's.