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Jul 8, 2011 04:32 PM

great BBQ

Ive had a hankerin for great BBQ, and tried Dreamland last week,which was a total bust.Been meaning to go to Pig N Chik for a while and went tonight.The owner Bill was there and my wife and I had pulled pork sandwich and ribs, with sides of hush puppies,cole slaw, potatoe salad and okra--everything was very good.Pork and ribs were both tender and moist,with a nice taste to them.Service was oustanidng. Place is very clean and well maintained--menu is very complete.Hes got 3 locations in area Casual family spot was pretty full on a friday night,lots of parking

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    1. re: ted

      the one on Pechtree Industrial, near Clairmont. Bill, one of the 2 owners is usuall there--hes a car guy like me, and will have his white shelby parked out front if hes there.He told me they just opened a new place near Briarcliff and hes sending some time there getting it started

      Clairmont Cafe
      1800 Century Pl NE, Atlanta, GA 30345

      1. re: bobstripower

        PS went there for lunch yesterday---usually i go later---got there at noon and they were packed--all the inside tables werefull, and there were10 people in front of me on the orderline..So id suggest getting there at 11:30 or 12:45 for weekday lunch.It was still great BBQ

        1. re: bobstripower

          I'd forgotten that they're going into the old Dusty's location on Briarcliff. Honestly, if I'm going that way it's only slightly further to Community Q. But I still like what they do a lot and have used them to cater lots of lunch sessions and meetings over the years.

    2. We go to the one on Roswell Rd. as our standard BBQ spot. My husband loves their fried okra and garlicky broccoli. They're a great deal for takeout too.

      1. We tried them today, mainly because I was craving hush puppies. I thought it was good, not as good as Dusty's though. I wish they didn't go out of business. :( I think Smokin PO Boys BBQ in Winder is better overall.

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        1. re: fishbio444

          glad you tried/liked it--winder is too far for me,but if im int area ill try it.I have been to Wallaces in Lithia springs--theyre pretty good too--no hush puppied there though

          1. re: fishbio444

            Just went to Smokin PO Boys BBQ today. Loved it. Great smoked chicken. Great baked beans. Nice staff.

          2. best place in atl for great barbecue, and an all around great eating experience is foxx brothers barbecue

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            1. re: sugarcity

              Correct. It's Fox Brothers followed by 'Cue and Swallow at the Hallow. Dreamland is terrible and Pig n' Chick meh.

              1. re: Clarence Odbody

                I don't think anyone would argue you on that, but sometimes you can't drive across town for BBQ, so it's not bad to have reviews here on the lesser-but-closer options.

                1. re: jboeke

                  BBQ is like pizza, everyone has their personal taste requirments--i hate Chicago (thick) pizza because i was raised on thin crust in the Bronx.Same with BBQ--as they say differnt strokes for different folksBased on crowds at PigNChik, id say hes got himself a good product for the market who like his style

                2. re: Clarence Odbody

                  Haven't been to ATL in 4 years but Fox Bros, SWATH, Hometown, Dusty's, and Spiced Right have always been my favs. Pig N Chik has great pulled pork sandwiches though.

                  Dreamland and Fat Matt's were way below average

              2. Bub-Ba-Q, 10020 Hwy 92, Woodstock - just west of Canton Road in the Ingle's Shopping Center is very good. Swallow at the Hollow on Green Street in Roswell is also worth a visit.