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Jul 8, 2011 04:03 PM

Best Mac and Cheese in DC?

After living in Boston for for years, I had 5 solid 'top five' places to go for great mac and cheese. Here in DC, I haven't really found anything great. I really like the mac and cheese at Hill Country BBQ and I even like the Wisconsin Mac and Cheese at Noodles, Inc. Any other places you guys recommend for great mac and cheese? (And please, don't suggest lobster mac and cheese--I don't eat seafood and I'm a PURIST!)


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  1. Black Squirrel in Adams Morgan. We no longer go there, but it is insanely delicious. Trust me.

    The Black Squirrel
    2427 18th St NW, Washington, DC 20009

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    1. re: Jeserf

      thanks for the tip! I'll definitely check it out and let you know what I think! :-)

    2. I usually like homemade best, but the capmac foodtruck had pretty good mac and cheese.

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        While having much potential the cheese-its aren't really a good substitute for a good crust created by baking. But their variants such as white cheddar and pesto work well.

        As for in DC, can't comment much but a trip up to Baltimore to the Brewer's Art is recommended. Especially when they have the smoked jalapeno mac and cheese on the menu.

        Brewer's Art
        1106 N Charles St, Baltimore, MD 21201

        1. re: bigterp1

          The Mac and Cheese at Wegman's is pretty good

      2. My daughter loves the mac and cheese at Central. I've tasted it and it is really good. It's a relatively good deal for their menu as it's a side.

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          dacfood-I literally just heard about their mac and cheese yesterday--I definitely plan to try it out soon! thanks all for the tips. I've heard about CapMac but I'd prefer a brick and mortar restaurant....I find it tough to track down these food trucks!

          1. re: dacfood

            Second the mac n cheese at Central. Unbelievably rich. To be shared.

            1. I don't know what makes exceptional mac 'n' cheese since I never became a connoisseur, but when it's good, I like what they serve as a side disk at Famous Dave's in Oakton. Since sometimes it's better than others, I suspect that this isn't a particular specialty, and it probably isn't the same at every Famous Dave's. But that's the only mac 'n' cheese I've had since I was a kid and I like it enough to order it most of the time when I go there.

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              1. re: MikeR

                Second. Famous Dave's mac and cheese is really good.

                Famous Dave's
                10500 Owings Mills Blvd, Owings Mills, MD 21117

              2. Hank's Oyster Bar has great mac and cheese. It is a side item. Although since you don't eat seafood (you lived in Boston and don't eat seafood!!?) there might be slim pickings for other food items.

                Hank's Oyster Bar
                1026 King St Ste 1, Alexandria, VA 22314

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                1. re: Elyssa

                  I don't know about the downtown Hank's, but the mac and cheese at the one in Old Town was horrible. It managed to be tough, chewy, and burnt with a sheen of oil on top. I had to send it back.