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Jul 8, 2011 03:19 PM

advice please! I may have ate some raw chicken pot stickers/ dumplings.

Hi guys,

Just found this forum and this is kind of an emergency post. I just possibly ate some Wei-Chuan frozen pot stickers that may not have been thoroughly cooked. So I fried them for like 4 ish minutes and then sat down to eat them. I was in a hurry and the fact that the labeled said "pre-steamed" made me brave enough rush in the cooking process. When I bit into the first one it was still cold but no longer frozen. So I microwave them for 1 minute and they were steaming hot. Ate about 6 until I realized that was pretty stupid because they could still be raw.

So can anybody give me some input here? One side of me is telling me it is safe. The chicken and vegetable meat inside had a pale whitish/greyish/yellow texture, definitely not pink. Also the innards were stuck together and not all flakey like a raw dumping. Also the package says "pre-steamed". The other side of me worries because I didn't follow the cooking instructions and they were still cold and now Im really stressing out and can't get go about my day what do you guys think? I am afraid of salmonella or something like that.

Called the company... only thing they said was they are pre-steamed but no guarantees of food safety unless they were cooked properly to 165 degrees. dang. So essentially i only cooked it for 1 minute in the microwave because the 4 minutes in the pan was basically only defrosting it...

Anyway here is a picture of the pot sticker:

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  1. Not too long ago I undercooked chicken. I noticed it very early on too. My reaction? "Eh." I finished the dish and rather enjoyed the results.

    The odds of any chicken being harmful are low. A company recalling a product is sorta scary, but think about the amount that wasn't dangerous. You're looking at less than 1% that's potentially harmful.

    In other words, don't sweat it. Well, unless you win the lottery or something later on today. Then, it just may be funky odds day for you!

    1. Yeah, don't sweat this. VERY low odds of salmonella, esp. with the pre-steaming and possible partial cooking.

      Maybe someone else can answer a related question - my sister once ate some sandwiches on a British Rail train, felt immediately that they were 'off' and decided to down a few vodka shots on the reasoning that 'alcohol kills germs'. I thought she was being silly, but ... alcohol DOES kill germs, no? Would you have to chug a whole bottle of vodka?

      Oh and she did get sick, I think even if the vodka could have helped, she drank it when she was already feeling ill.

      Lesson: don't eat sweaty sandwiches on Britrail. :)

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      1. re: montrealeater

        Hey montrealeater and ediblover,

        thanks for the replies. Not feeling anything 3+ hrs later except hungry haha. Still have a possible 69ish more hours to go till food poisoning kicks in?

        As for the vodka... After some frantic searching after eating the dumplings i read a lot about milk, vodka, and yogurt. Supposedly they are supposed to help but the people get sick anyway in all the cases. After this pot sticker thing I was about to chug the vodka I had in the cupboard.

        1. re: gerberclutch

          72 hours sounds about right. I remember the last time I had issues - I ate at so many different places I had no idea what the source was.

          Drinking alcohol is usually absorbed too quickly and isn't of a high enough concentration to kill those responsible for illnesses. I'd guess the idea behind the yogurt and stuff is to create competition in your system so the non-harmful bacteria takes food away from the harmful ones and slow their growth. Can't see that making a big difference.

      2. I wouldn't sweat it too much either. Even if they had a small amount of contamination, an otherwise healthy person can usually handle a small load of bacteria- unless we're talking botulism or something. The human body can be pretty resilient at times. I would think especially after you nuked them a second time and they were steaming hot that they would be rendered pretty safe and like Montrealeater said, the chance of contamination is pretty darn low to begin with. Plus there is not much you can do about it now anyway so no use worrying.

        1. I would assume the chicken is cooked and the warning to cook to 165 is just a legal cover their butts type of thing. I have seen it on items that can't be "undercooked", like my guilty pleasure mozzarella sticks.

          1. OH MY GOD YOU'RE GONNA DIE!

  'll probably be just fine. Don't worry. Altho the vodka thing is a nice failsafe...