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Jul 8, 2011 01:40 PM

Raw Peanuts

If anyone comes across these delicious things, please report. I've only seen them at the Mpls. Farmers market a few years back. I haven't seen them anywhere else since. Thanks.

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  1. Try Asian shops, East and South Asian.

    1. Saw some last week at the Indian grocers that is in the same shopping center as Dong Yang. Can not remember the name of the store... Didn't get any so I don't know about quality.

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        pooja is the name of the store. I've been looking for raw peanuts as well.

      2. I've seen them at the Hmong Marketplace on Como in St. Paul. In fact, I had taken a bunch of photos there a while back, including ones with raw peanuts in it, and they've been clogging up my phone's photo album space for months. I just deleted them a couple days ago thinking "eh...I'll never need those". Figures you'd ask this now.

        1. Thanks for the info all. I've purchased them from United Noodle before, they usually have them in stock. However, they're not fresh. By the time you buy them, they're dried out and have the same texture as regular in-shell peanuts.