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Jul 8, 2011 11:51 AM

Water View

Does anyone know of any kosher restaurant anywhere within the tri-state area that has a water view? Thanks

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  1. The Cafe of the Museum of Jewish Heritage at the tip of Manhattan. Amazing views of the Harbor and Liberty Island.

    The catch is, it's only open for lunch. In the evening they rent it out as an event space. Here are the hours

    1. Also, one of teh kosher but not shomer Shabbat veggie falafel places is about to open a branch in the kiosk in Central Park on the banks of the Harlem Meer. Not exactly a restaurant, but a very pretty water view. ;-)

      And, while it is not what the OP needs, it is a short walk from the Jewish Museum, the Met, the Museum of the City of New York, the Guggenheim, and the rest of Museum row on Fifth Avenue. So it will be useful for many people, especially families on a museum excursion.

      It's Maoz.

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        While its falafel could use a touch more spice, imo, everything else that Maoz does is excellent. Really well run place with really good food at decent prices.

        1. If it's still there, there is a kosher hot dog stand at Niagara Falls at the entrance to Journey Behind the Falls. (Hey, tri-state includes ALL of NY.) Can't get more water to view than that!

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            one of the kosher restaurants in Loch Sheldrake near Vacation Village was advertising a lakeview in the Jewish Press this week, don't remember the name

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              Its called Star Gelt. Gorgeous view! Causal, with waiter service. Closes at 4pm daily. Great dairy food - super salads, shakes ...