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Jul 8, 2011 11:08 AM

Sweet potato hummus recipes, please.

Does anyone have a really good recipe for sweet potato hummus? I have a left over, cooked sweet potato and several cans of chick peas in my pantry and want to give it a try. I've never made it with sweet potatoes before, so I''m not sure how much to change from a regular hummus recipe. Thanks for any suggestions :)

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  1. Sweet Potato Hummus

    The original recipe was given to me by our eldest daughter. It did not contain cumin and coriander. I like my hummus more savory than she does.

    The immersible blender really helps create a smooth dip. I try not to waste any of the finished product and the blender works well in wide mouthed plastic containers like those in which soup is purveyed by Chinese carryout kitchens.

    Sweet Potato Hummus – Amended Recipe
    Recipe my way made 05Apr11

    1 15-oz. can of chickpeas, rinsed
    1 garlic clove, peeled and microwaved for 30 seconds
    1 sweet potato, baked and peeled
    ½ cup of olive oil
    ½ tsp. ground cumin
    1 tsp. ground coriander

    Puree the chickpeas, spices and garlic with immersion blender in a quart-sized plastic container* recycled from Chinese take-out. Add the sweet potato flesh and process drizzling the olive oil in the mixture while the blender is running. Serve with crackers or tortilla chips.

    This recipe originally called for canned pumpkin, but I prefer sweet potato.

    * Use of the plastic container avoids the need to transfer the mixture.

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    1. re: ChiliDude

      Thanks, ChilliDude :)
      I don't have an immersible blender - I used to have one and they are so handy - but I have a food processor and a blender.
      I like cumin and coriander additions and usually add dried chilli flakes (I like a spciy) too. I noticed you don't use tahini. Is that just a personal preference or does it not go well with the sweet potato. I was concerned the two flavors may not compliment each other, but I'm not really sure.

      1. re: TropiChef

        I have tahini in the fridge, but the sweet potato gives the hummus enough viscosity so that tahini is not necessary. That said, don't let me persuade you not to use tahini. Add a little tahini to a portion of the finished product and see how you like the taste. BE CREATIVE!

        Our youngest daughter, soon to be 47, gave me an apron that states, "I don't need a recipe...I'M ITALIAN." That's only partially mind and spirit.

        1. re: ChiliDude

          That's a cute apron, CD.
          I am a pretty creative cook - I just haven't made this combination so I wasn't sure why you left out the tahini.
          This is what I made and it came out really good:

          Garbanzos (about 1 1/3 cans) drained ( save juice)
          1 cooked sweet potato
          ground coriander and cumin, about 1/4 tsp each
          about 1/2 tsp Turkish Baharat
          lime juice ( I didn't have any lemons)
          tahini - about 1/4 cup +some of the oil
          clove of garlic
          olive oil, maybe a tbsp
          sambal chili sauce, couple of tsp
          salt and pepper
          (Sorry, I really never measure anything so I'm just eye balling the amounts.)

          I blended everything together in a food processor, adding a little bit of the liquid from the canned chick peas. Blend a lonng time so that the hummus is really smooth.
          The warm spices in the baharat compliments the sweet potato. It's a new take on hummus but I was very pleased with the results :) I'm going to post the recipe on my blog!

          1. re: TropiChef

            I'm glad it worked for you. No need to apologize for not measuring each ingredient. I cook the same way. Having played in the kitchen for many years, one gets a feel for what works, and what does not. I claim to be of the "What if...?" school of cooking specializing in "Cuisine Impromptu."

    2. Here is a recipe for pumpkin hummus, with tahini but no chick peas, and Southwestern-inspired seasoning. I have not made it but it caught my attention because the columnist picked it for her top 5 of the year column. I think you could sub in sweet potato, even add chickpeas if you like.

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      1. re: julesrules

        Thanks, Jules :)
        I like the idea of chipolte and southwestern flavors. I'd still like beans in my hummus - this might be nice with black eyed peas as well as chick peas. I've never had a pumpkin hummus before - but I always have canned pumkin in the pantry (love pumpkin pie all year round :) Will have to give it a try.