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Jul 8, 2011 10:19 AM

Driving from Orlando to NY and looking for must-see BBQ, bakeries and ice cream shops


We are driving from Orlando to Manhattan via I-95 and staying in DC overnight and would like to stop at famous/must see BBQ spots, old fashioned ice cream spots and bakeries within 20-30 minutes off the route at any location. Would love to hear from you all your opinion!


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  1. In Philadelphia, checkout Termini Brothers at:

    1523 South 8th Street
    Philadelphia, PA 19147
    (215) 334-1816.

    It's a wonderful old italian bakery that has been around a long time. From cakes to cookies to rum babas to cannolis, Termini Bros. does it right!

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    1. In Baltimore's Little Italy is Vacarro's Italian Bakery and Ice cream gelato shop and restaurant.
      In woodstown new jersey is Richmond's Ice cream parlor and restaurant. Home made ice-cream. You will think you are back in 1963. Old school!
      I agree with Termini Brothers and stop one block away for what insiders say may be the best cheesesteaks in Philly at Crimini's Deli

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        Richman's hadn't sold home made ice cream for over 10 years. In addition, they are out of business. It was a wonderful ice cream parlor in it's day, but sadly they were squeezed out by the big guys.

      2. This may be a bit out of your way, but my favorite ice cream shop in the Southeast is Gelati Celesti in Richmond VA. Their homemade ice cream is fabulous, very rich and thick with great flavor. I've been known to drive through Richmond just to get a pint of their Chocolate Decadence. The shop is in a strip mall out in the suburbs (behind the movie theatre), but it's not too far from 295 - if you're driving through the Richmond area and want an ice cream break, it's worth stopping.

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          i think there's even better in richmond at deluca gelato. also a drive off the 64. but they are a bit different and both gelato style not olld fashioned ice cream parlor style. buz and ned's bbq is right off the 64 in richmond. was on a throwdown with bobby flay for ribs. folks go back and forth on them. i personally like their ribs and some of their sides a lot - but they are crazy pricey. kind of a classic place to stop though - and literally right off the highway at the boulevard exit in richmond. if you stop, drive monument avenue (whole street for blocks is on the national register of historic places). beautiful - and you're right there.