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Jul 8, 2011 09:55 AM

SEEKING: Jamaican/Caribbean Restaurants - Markham/ Richmond Hill area

Organizing a group dinner for about 14 people and looking for a full service sit down restaurant. Any suggestions or recommendations would be appreciated?

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  1. I was having that same craving tonight...and I have no solution to this problem.
    There is a small take away place at Elgin Mills and Yonge- but to no comparison to The Real Jerk and the like.
    I am stealing this one-
    "As far as the best Jamaican restaurant in Toronto, I have to say that right now Fish Palace (1356 Weston Road @ Jane St.) is the best and most authentic.
    I have tried pretty much every Jamaican place in the city. From take-out joints, to sit down restaurants.
    This one has them all beat.
    It's a nice, cozy place. The vibes and the food remind me of the restaurants I visited in Negril.
    Seafood is the specialty of the house but the menu also has
    Jerk chicken and pork, oxtail, ackee & saltfish, callaloo, etc.
    I always order the fish (whole spicy snapper w/rice & peas) with a couple of Red Stripes of course..."- from a fellow Chow Hounder...and I will be going there to see if it is still there...

    I hope that this helps!

    Elgin Cafe
    100 Elgin St, Ottawa, ON K1P5K8, CA

    Fish Palace Restaurant
    1356 Weston Rd, Toronto, ON M6M4R8, CA