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Jul 8, 2011 09:51 AM

What are you enjoying at Vancouver street food carts?

Now that summer is finally here (?!), I was hoping to get some feedback from y'all about street food. Don't find myself downtown at lunch time all that often but want to be prepared when I am :-). I had a dig around on the web and here are the places I've come up with that intrigue me -- locations and times may be off:

Kaboom Box 777 Granville near Georgia could be Granville at Robson for poutine

Reup BBQ beef brisket $9 at temp location Howe and Robson 12-3 M-Sat -- I like their pulled pork well enough

Bun Me Baguette Robson and Hornby T-Sun 11:30-6 crispy tofu! lemongrass chicken $4.25

Cartel Taco Burrard Street and W. Georgia or maybe west side of 500 Dunsmuir at Hamilton Mon. - Fri., 11 a.m. - 3 p.m. Korean

Fresh Local Wild Burrard and Hastings Local, sustainable, seasonal comfort food

Bada Bing halal Philly cheese steak Robson and Thurlow (or maybe Bute), veg gravy poutine

La Brasserie Street West Georgia and Granville from Monday to Sunday, 11 a.m. to 3 p.mchicken sandwich (778) 989-4883

Feastro 200 Thurlow at Cordova near torch (11 a.m. to 3 p.m., Monday to Friday.) veg taco worth $7? (604) 868-9339

Arturo's 2 Go W Cordova St & Howe St

Finest at Sea: seafood, southeast corner of Robson and Hornby streets

Gourmet Syndicate: Asian fusion, east side of 900 Burrard St.

Kiss Kiss Banh Banh: Vietnamese subs, northwest corner of Howe and Robson streets

Tacofino Cantina Inc: tacos, burritos, 1800 Morton Sts or Robson St & Howe St (778) 870-6436

Coma Food Truck Strathcona 1250 Station St (604) 842-3676 Korean fusion

PS just found this Van street food app which I gather is getting more and more reliable. Also like that it has links to the social media upon which these carts post so trogs like me can check online.

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  1. I like La Brasserie and Fresh Local Wild. I'm not a huge fan (but only after one or two samplings, so ymmv) of Cartel, Gourmet Syndicate, Bada Bing, the banh mi places, Tacofino. I would like to check out Finest at Sea, Feastro, Kaboom Box.

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    1. re: fmed

      Working in the downtown core has its advantages, so I've tried a few of these. My take (and I'll leave Re Up and the Roaming Dragon out of it, as I have a personal bias):

      Kaboom Box - opt for one of the sandwiches over the poutine. They have a smoker on board, so try the smoked salmon. The oyster sandwich is good as well.

      Banh Me Baguette - it is what it is, but you'll get a better banh mi elsewhere.

      Fresh Local Wild - good, but inconsistent on execution. If there's a line-up (and there probably will be one), opt for Kaboom Box instead.

      Brasserie - really quite good. I'm amazed it's not more lined up.

      Arturo's - skip it.

      There's also Nu's truck beside the Bay, though I haven't been. Fresh Local Wild also has their hotdog offshoot, Sausage a Trois, which also features a smoker on board - it's not bad, but when Eli was downtown serving D's sausages, that was truly the best hotdog in the vicinity.

      1. re: clutterer

        Tried Mangal Kiss Mid East BBQ for the first time today, parked on Georgia at Burrard in front of the church. They started up last week.

        Had a chicken shislik wrapped in Iranian flatbread - your other choice is beef. They also have grilled corn on the cob avail, and a limonana (described as an Israeli lemonade with mint and sugar cane).

          1. re: flowbee

            I liked it, perhaps out of novelty. It's an interesting sample of flavours. Not completely dissimilar to the various falafel joints around the area in terms of flavour profiles, but not exactly the same, either. One of the two working was formerly at Peckinpah's. Corn no longer avail, as it wasn't selling.

    2. I had some of the rice balls at the Roaming Dragon cart/truck at the Kitsilano Market a few weeks ago. Quite yummy as a little snack and I like the fact that everything is either $3 or $6 (would be nice if that included tax though as the change is a bit annoying).

      1. I'm really enjoying Feastro, Tacofino and Coma (when it's downtown, which is today!). Feastro and Tacofino are similar but menu and execution are different enough that I enjoy both.

        1. The street food app is very good much better than the Eat Street app.

          I agree with Clutterer skip the poutine at Kaboom box (I didn't like the gravy) and go for either oyster or salmon sandwich. I like the smoke salmon there.

          The La Brasserie sandwich is great
          Didn't like the Beef Brisket at Re-up 2, felt the slaw overwhelmed the beef
          I was disappointed that the fish was deep fried at Tacofino; I was hoping it would be grilled.

          La Brasserie
          1091 Davie St, Vancouver, BC V6E1M5, CA

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          1. re: moyenchow

            But an authentic fish taco is always deep fried.

            1. re: tdeane

              Au contraire, most of the little Mexican places we've found serve them a la plancha (grilled). The battered and deep fried are often referred to as Baja style. Whole fish are often on menus, but don't recall ever seeing that used for tacos, would undoubtedly be great though.

              1. re: PolarBear

                The fish taco filling I repine for in Baja was always what I call griddled -- cooked on a flat top. They had a v. thin crispy coating that did sorta seem deep fried but wasn't. I've yet to find them prepared this way outside BCS.

                Doesn't mean I haven't enjoyed the df fish versions I've tried further north, but they are different, and also lack the mysterious white sauce :-).

                Almost tried Tacofino yesterday at Khatsalano Day but the lineup was too long both turns up the street.

                1. re: grayelf

                  Finally got to try Tacofino's Baja-style fish taco (twice, actually) and really enjoyed it, despite their use of a flour tortilla. Also really liked the takoyaki from Osa. Haven't found anything else that I'd return for at the small number of carts I've made it to. Nadir: waited 10 minutes for a taco at a cart, took one bite and binned it.

            2. re: moyenchow

              Tacofino has both grilled and fried tacos...

            3. I did a browse around last week and found the Vancouver Street Food app to be really useful - pinpointed the spots I headed for.
              - Bun Me Baguette - Lemongrass chicken was pretty good, but missing something - not sure if it was the lack of pate or being thin on fish sauce. Okay but not spectacular.
              - Agreed that the rice balls at Roaming Dragon were tasty - but pretty heavy.
              - Previously tried Reup's pulled pork, which was quite good.
              Not on your list: Ursu Korean BBQ Tacos, at Georgia and Richards - tried the chicken, which I found to be very good, but I admit to being thin on anything to compare it to.

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              1. re: Tony Fox

                First of all RANT - street food should be 5-6 bucks tops.

                OK, here's my take so far:

                Re-Up, real hit and miss. Sometimes they nail it, although I want the cole slaw on the side with the pulled pork. Sometimes they don't, the last time there was a level of heat not suiting a pulled pork sandwhich. Tried the other truck once with "smoked brisket". Tough,overdone, no real smoke flavour. Hopefully they'll get better but brisket needs to be smoked at lowish heat for 8-12 hours or more. Don't see it happening from them.

                Bun Me Baguette. The bun doesn't work, far to chewy. I want my bread to be light with a crunchy crust. I honestly don't even remember the filling. Viet Sub 2 blocks away does a much better job.

                La Brasserie, my sandwich was a bit bland, but I did enjoy it. Messy though, as was the Oyster Po Boy at Kaboom box. The Po Boy was really good. Big oysters, done well, lots of flavour. Bring a bib or eat it back at the office.

                Cartel Taco, winner with me. Mexican/Korean fusion served by Australians. What more do you want?

                La Brasserie
                1091 Davie St, Vancouver, BC V6E1M5, CA