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Jul 8, 2011 09:11 AM

What can I add to my garden this time of year (San Diego area)

I am giving up on my pole beans--and I mean giving up for good because they are a pain in my butt and they don't ever seem to even taste good. And this year I grew a huge section of bush beans that are producing in abundance and have turned out so yummy! So instead of wasting my time, my water, my fertilizer, etc on something that I don't even seem to like, I think I am just going to take them all out. So that means I will have a huge section to put something else in. Is there anything that is ok to start this time in the summer? I live in Oceanside (near San Diego). Not exactly sure what zone that is. I could look it up if I need to though. Anyway, all thoughts and ideas are appreciated! Thanks!

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  1. Pretty much any summer veggie will thrive this time of year: tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, basil, summer squash, winter squash, cucumbers, etc

    Last year I had my yard under construction so I didn't get my garden planted until the end of June. My harvest was a little later but I still had a ton of produce.

    I have tomatoes (6 varieties), peppers (12 varieties), bush beans (yellow, purple and green), eggplants, cucumbers, basil, zuchini and yellow squash going right now. I'm in east Mission Valley near Qualcomm Stadium.

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      I already have a ton of tomatoes though I did want to put some more little baby tomatoes in but Lowe's didn't have any left. I will have to go to the other nursery in my area. And I did just buy some more peppers. But I think I like the idea of doing a different color green bean. Which ones do you think taste better--the yellow or purple? I have never done either of those. And you think it isn't too late to start more green beans?

      Excited that there is another San Diego area gardener on here! I am sure I have passed your area trying to get the Charger Hope you are able to stay out of this heat we are having this summer!!! Thanks for the advice! And I hope to talk to you more on here in the future!!!!

      1. re: LadyGuise

        I really like the yellow wax beans. The purple ones actually turn green when you cook them (the chemical responsible for making them purple apparently gets destroyed by heat). For bean salads I typically use a mixture of the yellow, green and purple beans.

        I just pulled out a bunch of chard that had bolted and put in some yellow and purple bush beans last no, it's not too late IMO!!

        Here's a great summer recipe for using up those beans:

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          Also in S.D., inland. I also just planted more tomatoes (trying to stagger them so they're not all ripe at the same time). Also planted more eggplant, watermelon and squash since they love heat. Just put in another habernero and bhut jolokia. Was at Anderson Nursery today, and they still had lots of great veg selection. Happy growing!

          1. re: pine time

            Walter Anderson had a good selection of hot peppers this year. I think I have about 12 plants total.

            1. re: meadandale

              I got some more green beans in and am clearing out the last of my harvest of the spring green beans to make some more room for more green beans. I had so much fun with the green beans this year. They make me feel all

              And I am going to put some more carrot seeds down. I am having a hard time finding the tomato plants that I want. I am looking for the little baby orange ones. I forget the name of them but they are so sweet and so good in a tomato salad. I'm going to go on another search today or tomorrow. Maybe I will look into Anderson Nursery...where is that?

              pine time...I just posted a question about eggplants. I planted some black beauties this year and they aren't black. Not sure if I did something wrong or if Lowe's marked their pots wrong.

              Anyway...happy planting. :-)

              1. re: LadyGuise

                There is a walter anderson nursery over in point loma area near pacific highway.

                1. re: meadandale

                  There's also an Anderson at Poway Rd & Scripps Poway Pkwy. LadyGuise, my eggplants are always a Japanese variety--don't recall specific name, but they're long & skinny rather than ovoid. Have had a bountiful harvest of 'em already, and just roasted another panful today (along with a sheet panful of just picked tomatoes).

                  1. re: pine time

                    That sounds yummy! Yeah I don't know whether to give up on these or not. They are still not big enough to harvest but once I get one, I will taste it and see. Maybe they are just a funky color but will taste fine. We'll see.

                    I hit up the drive thru nursery in Oceanside.
                    It's a pretty cool place. If you are every up this way, check it out. And if you are ever doing any landscaping (especially on a large scale) this is the place to go. Their prices are wholesale but are open to the public. I love it because if my kids are sleeping in the car, I can still peruse. I bought some asparagus plants which I have never done before so I better open up my book before I get to And some beautiful chili pepper plants (they are already very mature with pepper and were only $.99 each) and some garlic plants incase my garlic I planted from cloves don't work out.

                    Anyway, I will have to hit you up for advice once I plant a new batch of eggplant :-)

                    1. re: LadyGuise

                      Used to go to the Evergreen in Penasquitos maybe 20+ years ago--quite the experience! There was a smaller one in RB until this past spring--City Council made 'em close 'cause they were selling some stuff (like pots & bagged soil) not grown there--weird, huh?

                      I'm no expert, but have lots of experience on what *not* to do! Came to SD area 30+ yrs ago from KY, and it was a whole new gardening experience (I had never ever seen in-ground sprinklers before!)