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Jul 8, 2011 09:11 AM

SaQuaNa visit: July 2011

Yesterday we enjoyed a 3 1/2 hour lunch at SaQuaNa. I admit that I entered with some doubt, but followed my husband in ordering the full tasting menu. What a treat! There was not a dud in the lot of nine courses. Excellent and fresh product, light and creative but not over-reached treatment. Every bite a joy. The website will give you the real deal, but in the meantime:

We started with the house apero of rum punch: yum, but heady. Alongside: crab/avocado on FILO cups; a savory meringue; duck flan with asparagus bits.

Lobster in a coconut/lime/cilantro broth;
Lieu with a piquant tomato salsa;
Mackerel in mussel broth with favas and curried potato chips;
Veal carpaccio, green bean tempura and guacamole;
Perfectly rare pigeon breast with lemon confit and vocal accent;
Small (6?) selection of proper cheeses;
A cakey concoction with strawberries, rhubarb, ginger and pepper;
A thick smear of sherry laced topped with cherries and fresh tarragon.
Mignardises of raspberry filled caramel topped cream puffs and pistachio; a small pot of coffee ice-cream with toffee bits.

The courses came out in a well timed progression. No long gaps between but neither any haste. We ordered a bottle of pouilly fume which the excellent som stretched to last the entire meal; wine and water service was perfect.

I walked in a doubting Thomas and left a convert!

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  1. Thanks for the review - sounds as god as I hoped. Next time I am there I will aim to try it, although our next trip looks like we are heading South.

    1. Reading from their website, the thoughts behind this restaurant is truly inviting and deeply personal; the interior of "tables that could not be lifted," and "vanish everything that feels like marketing," to chef's goal: "we want only the human dimension and the joy of sharing a good meal with strangers and friends" with food that has " a convivial purity, warm minimalism."

      "the excellent som stretched to last the entire meal" - what a nice touch; I had to slow down our waiter twice during yesterday's dinner from his "filling" wine service...

      As always, thanks for putting another "soul evident kitchen" on my map.

      1. We went Saturday and had the "small" 5 course plus a zillion other things tasting menu for 68 Euros.
        What a wonderful meal. You could have 4 more courses (halibut, sardines, veal and a meringue tarte) for another 50 Euros.
        About 5 amuse bouche including a raw scallop on a warm mini-bun.
        Grilled dorade with many foams and sauces: almond paste, romaine lettuce in a creamy dressing
        a filet of raie with long green beans and cepes
        Fillet of beef, soja butter, turnip, cucumber, and snap peas
        choice of chesses
        Main dessert: a belle helene (ice cream, pear, and chocolate sauce) plus apple caramel chocolate cake, plus a macaroon plus a little cake.
        Yum. Yum. Reserve! It was packed.

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          Thanks for your post. It brought a huge smile to my face as you brought back memory of our delightful and yum afternoon. You have me looking for a hook, a future trip onto which I can attach another visit.