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Jul 8, 2011 09:10 AM

Salad Shack, Long Branch

Just idly wondering if anyone has tried this place. It's on the corner of Myrtle Avenue and Joline, not far from the sat-fat heaven that is The Sitting Duck. I applaud their healthy efforts but find the website incredibly annoying.

I just think that somebody (else) should go.

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  1. This is right around the corner from my house so I'll try to take one for the team in the next few days.

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      Went there last night

      Our first impression was CLEAN, the next is everything is new and the entire place seems fresh and inviting!

      The place is spotless, counter service with a nice young group of local 20 year olds manning the counter and kitchen behind it... groups of round tables inside and an outside patio that is serving as a showcase for the nursery next door's ability to build a patio, it is beautifully done with stone pavers and nice tables and chairs.

      There were 6 other groups eating inside (a bit warm last night at 6 PM when I was there - one other couple ordering takeout while we looked through thw menu. Large menu describing twenty or so potential salads as well as containers of dozens of sald ingrediantes that you can ask them to pull your salad from (almost like an assisted salad bar - like fresh or chopt in NYC).

      Salads can be "chopped" or served whole.

      My wife had a Guido salad, crisp romaine with big Jersey Tomatoes and fresh buffalo mozzerella in a balsamic dressing; I had the grilled vegetable salad (carrots, onion, zucchuni and asparagus, grilled and chopped ovber a standard mixed green mix) had a wasabi lime dressing that was not to spicy but enough to let you know it was there. My wife had some grilled chicken that was offered blackened as well.

      A good selection of "select" soft drinks - not any brand I knew so obviuosly trying to do something different beyond poland spring and snapple.

      All and all I would rate it very high and will be back. We spent $22 on two large salads and two drinks.