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Jul 8, 2011 09:00 AM

Calamari salad?

We bought some frozen calamari steaks, but they're a little too salty to eat as steaks. We have a couple left, I thought about cutting them into strips, then marinating to make a cold appetizer, sort of a ceviche. Has anyone done anything like this with calamari?

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  1. What is a calamari steak? I am fascinated....

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    1. re: smtucker

      I second smtucker's motion! As far as I know, calamari are squid. Did someone catch a giant squid that had a body wall thick enough to be cut into 'steaks?'

      Back again after Googling calamari steak images. The steaks look as if they are from a giant squid and are cut into squares. That's my impression, but I may be very incorrect.

    2. Why are they salty? Have they already been processed?

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      1. re: gordeaux

        As mentioned above, the steaks are from the body of a good-sized squid. Each one is about the size of my husband's spread hand. Normally we thaw them, flour lightly, then saute quickly. They're as close to what abalone used to taste like as possible.

        This was a different processor, and I honestly don't know why they were salty, unless they were processed in some way before freezing. They do need to be cooked before eating, but very briefly.

        1. re: judybird

          why not slice into strips, bread, and fry or bake? since you'd normally season the breading with salt, perhaps you can just skip it and season heavily with pepper (and perhaps even paprika and herbs) to balance it out...and serve with a spicy tomato sauce, mustard sauce, or lemony aioli for dipping.

      2. Okay... with you now. If they have been processed in a way that they are too salty, I would consider the age old method of soaking in milk. It works for anchovies, why not for calamari?

        Or you could consider a Portuguese calamari stew. The salt would add flavor to the rest of the stew and not be noticeable after the longer cooking time.