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Jul 8, 2011 08:45 AM

Watermelon Trucks in East Bay

Hey, have any of you seen any trucks selling watermelon in the Oakland area?
I'm looking for old-fashioned watermelons with thick rinds and black seeds, for making watermelon pickles.
I read in another post that there was a guy in SF last summer selling watermelons with seeds.

Would really like to find some over here in the East Bay.

I'll go to places outside of Oakland in the East Bay if necessary. Thanks so much. ;o)

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  1. Little early in the year, maybe, given the cool spring. Berkeley Bowl usually has a good assortment of watermelons.

    Berkeley Bowl
    2020 Oregon St, Berkeley, CA 94703

    1. I;ve seen one at 66th Ave and San Leandro St in Oakland a few times

      1. Not in the Oakland area mind you, but I did notice my first watermelon vendor heading up on Hwy 29 in the Vallejo area the other day

        It still must be early in the year for them like Robert mentioned, though - this section is still dominated by the cherry trucks.

        1. No in the East Bay, but we bought one on the 3rd of July from a man parked near Webster and Geary in SF. It was delicious. We've bought from him many times. He's usually there on the weekends somewhere on Webster.

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            The truck on Webster & Eddy was still there this week.

          2. haven't paid attention lately. seen trucks before at
            -front of abadoned gas station, 22rd & e. 12th st.
            -sidewalk opposite gas station on bancroft near hegenberger.
            -side streets (e 12th, etc) in the fruitvale district.