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Jul 8, 2011 08:33 AM

Mumm tour or Domaine Chandon tour

Hi all. I currently have a tour and tasting scheduled at Domaine Chandon $32 x 2.

I just found a couple of coupons:

Domaine Chandon: 2 for 1 tasting
Mumm: 2 for 1 tour pass

I wanted to do one sparkling tour and read lots of good things about the DC tour and tasting. However once I saw the coupons I thought I might switch and do the tour at Mumm and the tasting at DC.

I don't mind paying if the DC tour is far superior to Mumm but I'm thinking that sparkling is basically made the same way with just a little variance between wineries?

What's your opinion? TIA

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  1. You're right, sparkling wine is made the same way, the rest is just variation between wine maker preferences. Same with still wine. I personally prefer Mumm. They have a photo gallery you can wander thru as well.