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Jul 8, 2011 08:21 AM

Looking for an upscale restaurant - NY/NJ

I am taking a couple of folks out for a business dinner. Normally, I would go into the city, but that is not an option. They are coming from Tarrytown, so anywhere south of there would work.

My gut tells me to go to Etc as I have been there several times and the food is outstanding, but I just wanted to see if there is anything else out there.

This is a business dinner with people who are not Jewish, so my criteria are:

Must have tablecloths - It should be fine dining
Not Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, etc
No delis or pizza joints
Low probability of kids running around

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    1. Not sure how Teaneck is more convenient if they are coming from Tarrytown. I would recommend Prime Ko on the Upper West Side. It it closer to Tarrytown and offers a far more professional setting than anything in Teaneck.

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      1. re: Kosher Critic

        I'm pretty sure that Prime KO doesn't have actual tablecloths, though. For that matter, there are very few kosher restaurants that do in New York - Prime Grill and Solo, I'm pretty sure, and I think I remember them at Mike's Bistro and La Carne. Anywhere else?

        1. re: Kosher Critic

          They are not going back to Tarrytown, which is why I said no to Manhattan

        2. Your post makes me wonder what the nicest place in Westchester is?

          Or Riverdale?

          that said, what you probably meant to write was "tablecloth-level," since many of the most stylish upscale restaurants don't use tablecloths these days. they have designers who style the interiors; posh is not only about tablecloths anymore.

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          1. re: AdinaA

            I don't think there are any "nice" places in WC or Riverdale, are there?

            1. re: DeisCane

              That's the thing.

              If there are, I'd like to know about them.

              Also, are there delicious places, (great falafel, burgers, pizza etc.) that are worth going to for the food, even though they're not at all fancy?

              1. re: DeisCane

                The nicest place in Riverdale is Riverdelight. It does have tablecloths. I went there with my 2 year old recently but I feel that that is more of an anomaly. For Riverdale, it's the finest you'll get, but it's not the same caliber of the other restaurants mentioned in this thread.

            2. Unfortunately, nothing great i the Westchester area. I work there, and have asked around multiple times. How about Mosaica? You would have to check about tablecloths. But the food is always excellent. I'm not sure it is classic "fine dining" but certainly upscale.

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              1. re: Hirscheys

                It's been a while since I have been to Mosaica, but frankly I dont think there's anyone west of the city who can really compete with Seth at Etc and you have the added benefit of BYOB.