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Jul 8, 2011 08:16 AM

Anyone tried a Grillery wood fired grill?

I saw a review of one. Are they really worth the $2500? What is the advantage, exactly?


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  1. They're not for the lazy. Requires near-constant attention. My uncle had a permanent brick-enclosed grill in his backyard in the '60s-'70s with a similar mechanism. He worked it like he was in the boiler room of the Titanic.

    1. They are definitely for the engaged griller. You are working with a real fire. The advantage is that you can use whole wood in addition to charcoal because of the grill height control (16" of travel) and because the argentine-style v-channeled surface catches fat/juice before it drips in the fire - greatly reducing flaring.

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        Tony Bourdain did a Spain episode a while back where he visited a seafood restaurant that cooked over this type of grill. The kitchen scenes were somewhat frantic.

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          Disclosure - I am utterly biased in favor of The Grillery. My father invented it and I've carried it on.

          To be perfectly honest it is not for everyone. In a restaurant setting it works well but I tell chefs they will be able to handle the high-volume, same-results cooking best by using mostly charcoal. If you have the time, like in your back yard or at an event, the whole wood can be far more flavorful and fun.