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Jul 8, 2011 07:35 AM

From Brampton to Sauble Beach - Any recommendations?

We're heading up to Sauble at the end of this month. Is there any places (restos or otherwise) that we should stop at on the way by?


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  1. In the Southampton - Sauble Beach area check out Armen's Cafe.

    This place has never been reviewed on CH, but it's a definite find for that area.

    Southampton is a quaint lakeside town and Armen's Cafe is an eclectic diner that is only open in the summer.

    The chef, Armen, does pretty much everything from scratch and has a very cool menu. He dabbles in multiple cuisines and I found his cooking to be very honest.

    Desserts are very good - had the lemon meringue pie and some of the strawberry sour cream cheesecake and both were excellent. He's only open from late spring to early fall and uses alot of local ingredients as well.

    A definite must if you're up in that area.

    1. The bakery in Southhampton makes good Chelsea buns. In Sauble I heard that Rocky Racoon Cafe from Owen Sound are taking over the Bob's BBQ spot

      1. I was in Sauble last week and can confirm that Rocky Raccoon has indeed moved into town, located in the boat-shaped restaurant. But we didn't eat there, so I can't comment.

        However, on the way to/from Sauble Beach, I recommend taking Highway 6 through Williamsford (a tiny, blink-and-you'll miss it hamlet). There's a pie place there with some very fine fruit pies. It's called Williamsford Pie Company, right on Hwy 6. It serves light lunches and breakfast pastries too. But the pie really is top-notch. We split a piece of peach pie and bought a whole cherry pie to take home. Nice, light crust (I don't know what fat they use, I forgot to ask!) and good filling. Whole chunks of fruit, not overly sweet, not mushy or overcooked.

        Highly recommended if you're driving up 6 or 10.

        Rocky Raccoon Cafe
        941 2nd Ave E, Owen Sound, ON N4K2H5, CA

        Williamsford Pie Company
        Williamsford, Williamsford, ON N0H, CA

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          I've also stopped there and it is very good pie. We ended up there randomly on a day trip a couple of years ago (coming back from a brewery tour in Neustadt, which I also recommend), but you're right, it doesn't look that far out of the way from 10.
          Didn't make it to Rocky Raccoon. We did end up at Armen's for a ladies' lunch and while not amazing, it was a good break from the usual basic fries / pub grub you get in the area. Also they handled the lunch "rush" well, a lot of these summer places get easily overwhelmed. Did not try the desserts.

        2. Wondering if anyone has been to Rocky Raccoon at Sauble Beach yet. Or any other tips/changes in the area.