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Mar 9, 2006 07:52 PM

Best cheese plate in LA

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Reading the "dessert island" posts below made me realize that more than any of those desserts listed, I'd rather have a really great cheese plate. So where would you point me?

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  1. The best one I've had in L.A. was at the Old Patina on Melrose about five years ago.

    A.O.C. has good cheese, but miniscule portions at exhorbitant prices - $24 for 5 bites is obscene.

    Spago and Melisse had decent cheese, but it's been a few years for me.

    Best option, IMO, is to go bite the bullet, go to the cheese store of bh and drop $100 on 5-6 cheeses and invite 8 people over...

    Get some bread at the breadbar too


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    1. re: Coachboy

      I believe that the Cheese Store will actually prepare a platter for you, adding in such details a gherkins and fruit.

      1. re: Jess

        I totally agree with the suggestions of Beverly Hills Cheese Shop and The Cheese Shop of Silverlake. But another good choice is Auntie Em's Kitchen--they have a wonderful little store with carryout food and foodie items--plus a great selection of cheeses (Cowgirl Creamery, etc.)
        As for restaurants, I'd have to say Melisse. And if you want something more casual, the little French place at the Farmers Market on Fairfax. (not the Grove, but the old section) Great people watching.

        1. re: Elaine

          I think the BH Cheese Store is the way to go. And it won't cost you $100 for 5 cheeses, assuming you buy just enough cheese for you to consume that day, when the cheese is at its best.

          I have to disagree with the recommendation of Monsieur Marcel in the old Farmers' Market at 3rd and Fairfax. Their cheese plates are cut in advance, put on plates, covered in saran wrap, and then put in a too-cold fridge. The result is that every cheese on the plate tastes like the blue cheese that is also on that plate. It's not surprising that they do this because their cheese storage in the main store is pretty atrocious. They've got blues mixed in with all the other cheeses, which is a dicey proposition.

    2. If money is not an issue, then it's PATINA, PATINA, PATINA and of course PATINA. :-)

      If you are on a budget, might I suggest BISTRO 561 in Pasadena?

      1. toss up between melisse and patina - though last time i was at patina - 2 months ago - did not wow me like it has in the past - i think it's the mentality, i wanted to be "one-upped" every time i go there.

        1. I agree with Coachboy that doing it yourself with a visit to the Cheesestore of BH would be tough to beat.

          The best restaurant cheese courses I have had in LA were at PATINA (current version downtown) and BASTIDE (before they closed to remodel).

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          1. re: Marco Polo
            john gonzales

            The new/downtown Patina still IMO is the best cheese course in town. The selection is fantastic, the frommager very nice and knowledgeable, and the price is up there but worth the portions. He also has a nice complement of honey, nuts, quince.
            I think cheese is a bit less at Spago, Melisse, and AOC; but not the experience as far as quality/quantity/service. Try the epoisses.

          2. i did the cheese plate after a tasting menu at sona in November and it was very good.

            If you are further east and so inclined, order a cheese plate from the silverlake cheese store at sunset and santa monica. ask the owner to throw something together for you giving him salient details, such as the wine and the culinary sophistication of the people who will be eating it. He is a wizard...the wizard of cheese!!!!

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            1. re: hellolizzie

              Agree with you about Sona's cheese service! Had it after a tasting menu, as well. It was memorable. But the meal, in toto, was big $$$.

              Too bad there aren't wine-and-cheese bars around that just serve the cheese course with that same level of knowledge and selection. I would go all the time!