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Jul 8, 2011 07:20 AM

St Anne de Bellevue Farmer's Market

Has anyone been? How's the selection of stands and does anyone know if there are any farm fresh eggs available.


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  1. The Saint Anne market is a great place on my opinion. They have farm fresh duck eggs as well as pastured beef, pork and I think even lamb this year. The vegetable choices are limited at this point only because it is early in the season but in a fee weeks, there will be a huge variety. They even have a baker who sets up with some nice snacks to have while walking around. Hope this helps.

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      Thanks jonhall, I visited yesterday and was thoroughly surprised. Glad to see there are more than a few stands with both produce and meats and the duck eggs from Stairsholme were excellent.

    2. Anybody know what days and hours they operate?

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        Saturday 9am-2pm. Go early, a lot of stuff disappears quickly. There's a bread guy too that makes a great Belgian.

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          One weekend towards the end of August there is a garlic festival. I guess I shouldn't be telling this as it might mean none left for me but that baker makes the most amazing garlic rolls. He only makes them for that Saturday and they go quick.

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              Too bad you missed it andy but they still have a lot of great local garlic available. Also on Aug 25th they are having a tomato day. They'll have some people With great heirloom tomatoes there.

      2. How are the markets this year - still worth a trip? Any specialities to watch out for?

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          So, has anyone been so far this year? I'll be going for the first time this weekend (also to enjoy the garlic festival) so any recommendations on the producers or what not to miss would be much appreciated.