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Jul 8, 2011 07:18 AM

Any opinions on Kil@Wat? (Milwaukee)

I am looking for something upscale and different in that area for dinner. I did a seach here for Kil@Wat dinner info but could not find anything helpful. What do you think about Kil@Wat?

139 East Kilbourn Ave, Milwaukee, WI 53202

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  1. Mr. Shaja and I have eaten there for dinner and for breakfast three times (six meals total). It's nice. The decor is not my favorite, but the service and food have been very good, and we would go back. Word to the wise, though, don't take one of the little 2-seater tables along the wall unless you want to bump elbows with the wall. Charming but small.

    My favorite entree is the filet with the three-cheese potato gratin; they took such care in the presentation of the gratin (a very careful perfect stack) that it sticks in my memory a year later. We last tried Grandma's Chicken, which was mentioned as their specialty in a recent Milwaukee magazine. Didn't think it was exceptional, but it was pleasing and the presentation was nice.

    Breakfast was good and imaginative In addition to the usual pancakes and eggs, they offer some savory choices. Mr. Shaja liked the smoked salmon flatbread and the smoked salmon hash. Next time I want to try the apple french toast; I have a weakness for creme brulee and want to try the taste in a breakfast dish.

    We like to stay at the Inter-Contentinal and eat at Kil@Wat before going to shows at the Riverside or the Pabst. With parking on site, it is very convenient and comfortable. The last time we were there, we were having breakfast in Kil@Wat and a march went by on the street below. We watched the whole thing from our window booth, and thanks to a smart phone with Google discovered that it was led by Jesse Jackson Sr. When we returned our attention to the dining room, we noticed that the guitarist from the previous night's concert had quietly taken the table opposite us. Double celebrity sighting over my malted Belgian waffle (but of course we pretended not to notice so he could eat in peace).

    139 East Kilbourn Ave, Milwaukee, WI 53202

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      Shaja...thanks much for your detailed review!

    2. Had a reasonably good meal there last Fall but, frankly, cannot really remember anything about it. That tells me that it is not really the place for something different and upscale......... Not sure what specific area you are looking for but if you are limited to downtown I would recommend Roots which has wonderful locally grown food that is really yummy. The outside porch has an incredible view of the city. For a place right downtown I would recommend Umami Moto where I have had great food. Asian fusion and a lovely atmosphere. Also, while it can be noisy, Zarletti has always had good food. The tables are a bit close and it is small so it is not a place for an intimate dinner...... The "different" request makes it a bit hard to think of a good place. Not much "different: in Milwaukee. The Iron Horse is a nice atmosphere and great food inside a hotel designed to accomodate motorcycles near the Harley Museum. And, finally, for a really lovely atmosphere and view on the lake Harbor House is a seafood restaurant that is not really "different" but also lovely......... Enjoy!!

      741 N Milwaukee St, Milwaukee, WI 53202

      The Iron Horse Hotel
      500 West Florida Street, Milwaukee, WI 53204

      Umami Moto
      17800 W Bluemound Rd, Brookfield, WI 53045

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        rjlebed...thank you for all of your suggestions! I will look into each of those. Have you eaten at Harbor House? It's one of those places that I never hear anyone say anything good or bad about.

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          yes. I have eaten there several times. The raw bar is wonderful. Great for a drink at the bar with some appetizers if you are not looking for something heavy. I have had dinner there several times as well and have not been disappointed. The view of the lake and museum could not be better. And, there is an outside area that I believe is now open as well. It looks lovely but I am not in a position to really judge having not eaten there. I have had one friend who did not enjoy her time there. But, I am a huge fan of fresh fish and love the decor. It is certainly not inexpensive but I believe it is worth the money. Fresh and really lovely for a summer meal! Enjoy!!

          Just realized that the Harbor House address that they gave in this was for Michigan. Certainly NOT the right one. This one is right across from Discovery Museum on the road by Summerfest!

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            I knew the one you were talking about. Certainly a great view and the patio on the east looks fun.

            This reminds me of another place close to there. What is/was Pieces of Eight. I think the Bartolotta's may run it now but I am not positive about that.

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              Harbor House IS the place that used to be Pieces of Eight. Or, more correctly, is on the piece of land that once housed Pieces of Eight. And, yes, it is run by Bartolotta's in a partnership with Cudahy so other Bartolotta's gift certificates do not work there.........

              Pieces of Eight
              550 N Harbor Dr, Milwaukee, WI 53202

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                Ok, now we are on the same page. I thought you were talking about Coast which is on the "mainland" where the children's museum is.

                Harbor House may be the winner. Great views and I have never had a bad meal at a Bartolotta restaurant. Thanks for the warning about the gift certificates.