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Jul 8, 2011 06:39 AM

What do you eat when you drive to Pittsburgh?

I'm leaving Mt. Airy at 6ish tonight and driving to Pittsburgh for the first time. It'd be so nice if I could pull off for dinner at a real burgers stand, or a non-chain diner, instead of a food court.

Anyone out there have a favorite place off of the turnpike?

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  1. Summit Diner, Somerset, PA. It would be a very late dinner though (10 ish).

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    1. re: gakski

      The Summit Diner is nothing fancy, simply an old time diner but I've been there 3 times while driving between Philly and Pittsburgh. It's cheap too!

      A better choice in Somerset is the Pine Grill which you can see at the first light off the turnpike.
      Great family style home cooked food.

      Both are within minutes of the PA turnpike.

    2. Closer choice in Carlisle (2 hrs. away). Middlesex Diner

      1. out of the fire cafe in donegal
        or babe's place in new derry (you can drive from there to pittsburgh without getting back on the turnpike)

        1. you're coming from philly? Enjoy Our Parks! (laurel highlands are fantastic this time of year). Eat a Lebanon Bologna sandwich, and thank g-d you live in PA. (they're impossible to find anyplace else)