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Jul 8, 2011 06:10 AM

Good Chow at Todd Jurich's Burger Bar in Va. Beach

We went to the newest Todd Jurich offering yesterday for lunch. Todd's 21st Century Burger Bar at Rudee Inlet. Enoyed it thoroughly. It has a lovely view if it is cool enough to sit on the deck. Nicely appointed and very attractive spot. No parking issue for us, but I understand that it can be an issue on resort season Friday and Saturday nights. Enough about that. Beef is grass fed. Cheese is artisan quality as is the bacon, local produce used. Hits many of my buttons. We consumed the she crab soup, oyster stew, three varieties of burgers, a lobster roll, fries, o rings, and one brownie pie (4 spoons). Waiter was new but helpful (always good to have someone who will go ask a question) and attentive. We loved the food. No dissapointment here. It is a little pricey, but location, location, location. Will repeat often after the tourists leave.

Rudee's Restaurant
227 Mediterranean Ave, Virginia Beach, VA 23451

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  1. This place was amazing. On a food-filled vacation, it was at the top. We stopped in on a Thursday around 1. Parking was easy. My husband and children started with a chocolate shake that was the best we ever had. (They let me have a tiny sip.) I had the heirloom tomato and mozzarella salad. Pure tomato flavor and the cheese was not too soft or too firm. Perfect. My son had a hot dog. I'm sure it was wonderful. My daughter had the kid's hamburger and fries. Very good. My husband had the American cheeseburger and loved it. I had the Hatch chili burger with American Wagyu beef. Just the right amount of spice, lots of flavor, moist and juicy on a roll that could withstand all the juiciness of the burger and the moistness of the chipotle mayo and chilis. Dessert of a key lime pie sounded so tempting, but we had to get going and had already overeaten. The waitress was friendly and after a little chat we discovered her grandparents live in the same small town we live in 7 hours away. Definitely a place to remember.

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      Sounds amazing. Can't wait to try it!

    2. I loved it too on a recent visit! Was with a group who wasn't big seafood fans, so we ended up here. Had a burger topped with truffle mayo, pork belly lardons, frisee and egg.. so good. Thinking of that truffle mayo right now is making me hungry... As were the duck fat french fries. Also, they had an awesome cocktail menu! I got a drink that was like an alcoholic orange julius. Fantastic! Service was friendly, atmosphere was nice. We ate on the patio. I'll totally return here!

      1. I have tried this place three times now (I'm a local not a tourist). There have been some minor hiccups with service but nothing drastic. I have enjoyed every dish I have sampled so far to include the Apocalypse Now burger, although that is really nothing more than a novelty act. I wouldn't order it a second time just based on the near $30 price tag. However, the Parisienne and Hatch Chili burger are both outstanding. They are a little pricey but you get what you pay for. Here you have a beautiful setting with a great bar. Five Guys gives great burger as well but you get to eat it in a warehouse setting with only the usual fountain drinks available.