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Jul 8, 2011 02:13 AM

Hi to the forum and advice for a good vegetarian-friendly restaurant

Hi guys,

I've been following this forum (Madrid / NYC / Paris) for a long, long time but this is my first post, so greetings to everybody in here!

I'm Spanish but I’ve been living in Paris for a couple of years. My girlfriend lives in NYC and she is in Paris for the summer. Alas, she is vegetarian so I cannot take her to some of my favourite French places in the city (Chateaubriand, A.O.C., Paul Bert, etc.). Usually we go to Italian restaurants where it is easier to find vegetarian-friendly food (favs: Caffe Dei Cioppi, L'Osteria, L'Enoteca, Bob’s, Croccante...). I still remember the face of disgust in the waiter at Le Baratin when I told him she was vegetarian! (excellent restaurant though).

Needless to say, we have done most vegetarian restaurants in Paris and they are not great (we like Soya and Tien Hang).

I am looking for a place to celebrate her birthday. Last year we went to La Gazetta and they tweaked the menu for her. It was OK but not memorable. This year I was considering Spring but I am afraid they won’t have enough vegetarian options. It is the same with most places.

So do you have any suggestions of an excellent meal in a vegetarian-friendly place?


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  1. Simple: at that sort of price point "Maceo" ( they have a good vegetarian menu as well as their omnivore menus, and as a result is structured as a menu rather than random veggies. I am also pretty certain they won't sneak chicken stock into the veggie soup. It is a very good space with a lot of character.

    Obviously if you spend more you can go to a highly starred place and they will deliver great veggie food - but at a price.

    Here is the veggie menu:

    Menu 'Au Vert' Summer 2011
    Chilled 'tomato lemon' soup & minis smoked vegetables
    Raw beetroot shavings, carrots hummus & Ossau Iratty
    Herbs & goat cheese croustillant, small comfit pipérade
    Arborio risotto, asparagus tips & small mousserons
    Light cassoulet, 'Coco' beans, chanterelles & Grany Smith shavings
    Grilled polenta, purple artichokes, young crunchy aromatic vegetables
    Cheese or Dessert

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      Thanks for your answer! We'll check it out! I think I have walked in front to Macéo on my way to Willi’s Wine Bar.

      If you have other suggestions -even if pricier- don't hesitate. Although I must confess I am more of a “Foodie” than of a “Michelin” (e.g. trying to find a good menu for 20 euros in Paris -as some people do- seems to me as crazy as charging 200 euros for one :-)

      1. re: AntonioA

        I'm dining with a vegan (no meat/fish/dairy) friend this weekend. I called KGB to ask if they could prepare a special menu for her and they said YES! Not sure how the food will be (though I love their regular food), but that could be an option as well?

        1. re: Cookingthebooks

          I always think ZKG and KGB may stand-out in Paris but don't really stack up to similar places in other cities, thus a visitor from NYC may feel it is too similar to home. I know they they failed to stack up against my home town of Sydney.

          1. re: PhilD

            I really love KGB (but I was really disappointed with ZKG -- go figure) and think the rapport qualité prix is fantastic, especially for the tasting menu. Also, I deeply appreciate their willingness to create a special vegan menu -- most unusual in France. That being said, it's been a long time since I've lived in another world food city besides Paris -- eight years since I lived in New York. So perhaps I don't have a good point of comparison?

    2. I have all the sympathy for carnivores victimized by vegetarian-vegan companions.
      Never have I seen on this board or any other board a vegwhatever asking recommendations for meat restos beause they are travelling with carnivores and think that out of politeness or friendship or guilt they should indulge their friends. It's always the carnivores who bend over backwards.
      Therefore I bow to you, Antonio, especially when you are obviously an epicurian. Your sacrifice is considerable.

      I just had an excellent présalé lunch at Café des Musée, which is everyone's fave these days, and I can see why. The resto has a vegetarian starter and a vegetarian main. I don't know if it is any good but hope the minimum supply will shut up the veges.
      By the way, a good présalé is the best of meats, after wagyu beef and Souphie's chicken. Or Souphie's anything. It is very meaty, just sexily fatty comme il faut. (Uh, am not referring to Souphie's anything.) I hope it is still on the menu when you visit.
      Bon appétit.

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      1. re: Parigi

        I think vegatarianism is grounds for divorce.