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Mar 9, 2006 05:15 PM

philly steak in hermosa

  • k

i was down in hermosa beach last weekend - as i was walking out of a cold stone stuffing my face with ice cream - i caught a whiff of grilled onions from across the street - i walked over and looked inside - it was a sandwich place - called either mikes or big mikes - they were cooking up cheesesteaks - smelled great, but i had bad timing given ice cream melting down my hands - has anyone been to this place ? is it worth a try ? sure did smell great !!

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  1. m

    I get a 12 inch cheese steak there about one every 2 weeks. I love 'em.
    Great meat, I beleive they use rib eye, and the rolls are perfect for a cheesesteak sandwitch.
    I highly recommend them.

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    1. re: MonkeyBrains

      big Mikes is very good but I don't think they use Cheez Whizz. I may be mistaken.

      1. re: Andy Nelson

        They have a vat of hot cheezewizz but when I asked to have it on the first sandwitch I ever got there, they discouraged me from it. They said most people don't like it , so I've never tried it.

    2. Does the job if you're right there in the area. I like papa jakes in Manhattan Beach better though.

      1. I've been there like 5 times and they are really good. Don't get the spicy cheese steak, not that good.
        And garlic fries are good too.

        1. I was just here having lunch with a friend from El Segundo. Big Mike's has a generous helping of meat (aided by the fact that the bread is partially hollowed out as it should be), and the bread and garlic fries are very good, too, but the sandwiches were missing like little sumtin'sumtin' -- I believe it was the fact that it was made with provolone only. Gimme Whiz!

          Pretty decent option if you can't make it to Markie D's in Culver City.

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          1. re: SauceSupreme

            Why would you want wiz over provolone, personal preference?

            1. re: Philly

              I actually prefer provolone AND whiz. Provolone gives it flavor, whiz gives it consistency.

          2. so you went to the big mike's in el segundo or hermosa ? is the el segundo location new ?

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            1. re: kjs

              El Segundo Big Mike's has been there for several years. 3-5 years ??