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Jul 7, 2011 06:09 PM

Where can I buy Freshest Salmon?

Recent transplant from Seattle and don't know if there is any area where I can buy direct from boats or marina area, like they have in Seattle.

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  1. Um...well, Portland isn't a seaport city with a harbor like Seattle is...geography is what it is.

    That said, Lyf gets uber fresh stuff (and also stuff that is frozen ON boats and never defrosted) and is super nice. Sign up for his e-mails and he will tell you what is coming and you can reserve and pre-order:

    He has locally raised meats, eggs, and other great products too. He now also takes credit cards.

    You will also see native folks selling salmon out of coolers around town here and there, but I have no recs for you there...

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    1. re: JillO

      Thanks JillO! Yeah, after I posted question, I realized someone might think that I didn't know where I now live. I guess I was casting a wide net (no pun) and willing to go even to the coast if necessary. I signed up with Flying Fish. Really appreciate the referral.

      1. re: mzmrpl

        No problem, glad to see you are oriented to your new home city, welcome! ;o)

        Last I was in his truck I saw some really nice product like halibut cheeks and dry (no chemicals!) scallops. He carries great product and his prices are decent for the quality. Plus, getting an e-mail and knowing what is coming in is great.

        Another place that has some good fresh stuff is ABC Seafood on SE Powell - they have tanks with live stuff:

        Not necessarily salmon, but they will tell you what is fresh. You can sometimes see some restaurant chef/owners in there. They also have a small but decent selection of fresh produce.

        1. re: mzmrpl

          If you are willing to go to the coast, then you should go to Warrenton. When there I buy all my fish from Jon's Seafood Market & Smoke House, 38 SE 1st Street, Warranton. 503-861-6070. Last year I canned tuna and was able to get it fresh off the boat from them. HIGHLY recommended.