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Jul 7, 2011 05:32 PM

Sable help please

Will be spending a weekend "staycation" in Chicago in Oct. Will be staying at the Palomar, home of Sable. Would like to try some of their cocktails and perhaps a small plate or two before heading out to, hopefully, a table at Girl and Goat. To that end we made an OTable resv @ 6:30 @ Sable. I know that several posters on this board recommend Sable so my question we NEED a reservation for cocktails and a little food? Sitting at the bar is out of the question due to physical limitations. Can we rely on the hotels concierge to get us in? Or should we just show up and hope they can seat/accommodate us? Thx!

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  1. I don't understand. Why not just keep the Sable reservation on Opentable, even if you plan to eat light? That way you don't have to leave things to chance.

    Regarding Girl and the Goat - I assume you plan on making a reservation there. They start accepting reservations three months to the day in advance, and they fill up quickly. They accept them on Opentable but I have heard that they hold onto prime times for those who make reservations by phone. So whatever day you plan on going in October, make your reservation on that day this month (July).

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      The plan is to keep the reservation. I was just worried that Sable might resent me for making a reservation just for drinks and a plate or two and taking a table away from someone who would be there for a complete meal therefore taking $$ out of Sable's pocket. As to GATG, I'm keeping on eye on the calander and even have my phone set to remind me early that day!

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        If you like, after making the G&TG reservation, you could always call Sable to let them know that you just plan on grabbing a light bite. They'll add the comments to your reservation and do anything else they need to do regarding their reservation schedule.

    2. Your plan is a good one. G&tG has superb food and good wines, but little in the way of cocktails.

      Sable is a perfect place for a cocktail and a small plate. They have an excellent and extensive drink menu and very good small plates. When we were there I noticed that many patrons used it that way. The general feel of the place is more bar than restaurant.

      But as nsxtasy notes, do be sure to get those G&tG reservations. It is one of the toughest resos in town.

      1. The front area of Sable has both a bar as well as freestanding tables and chairs/couches. When we went last week on a Wednesday around 6:30pm, the front area's lounge tables were not full. If you're not comfortable taking a reservation for the main dining room, you could conceivably grab a table in the bar area.

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          That sounds great. Perhaps when we check-in to the Palomar on Friday, I'll pop into Sable and let them know my plans for Saturday. We've been to GATG three times. First, right after they opened, then for NYE and then for Superbowl brunch...all great times. Thanks for all your helpful suggestions!

        2. I was at Sable this past Saturday night at 6:30 for an early dinner with my daughter. We made the res that afternoon through our hotel. They were able to accommodate our request to sit at one of the booths overlooking the kitchen as well. The restaurant seemed to be filling up by the time we finished around 8ish or so. I stayed behind and met a friend for drinks while my daughter went back to the hotel. The bar, while pleasantly full, had seats. My friend and I sat at a high table. Seemed that the seating in the high backed chairs remained full the entire time we were there. Maybe you could call and ask to reserve a couple of the high backed chairs in the bar area if you are worried about the whole just drinks and a small plate or two scenario.

          BTW, this is the second time I have been to this restaurant and both times the food was delicious, drinks divine. The bar is kind of loud but nothing too out of the range of normal. Wasn't hard to carry on a conversation or anything.