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Jul 7, 2011 04:32 PM

Bainbridge Island Markets

Visiting Bainbridge the first week of September, and while I've found lots of rec's for restaurants on Bainbridge and locale, I am having difficulty finding info about markets to visit for local produce, products, seafood, etc. While we will stop at Pikes before hopping on the ferry, it would be nice to shop on Bainbridge for local/specialty Bainbridge/Washington products, especially seafood. I'll be packing my oyster knife and corkscrew and I'd like to use them often.. Thanks

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  1. Bainbridge Island has a great farmers market every Saturday from 9-1 (9-2 in July and August). Other than that, Town & Country grocery store always has pretty good local produce and seafood. BTW - word to the wise: It's Pike Place Market, not Pikes!

    1. Town & Country Market has a great wine selection to go along with pretty decent fish & produce. Several wine shops in town as well. Farmers market Saturday not to be missed. Central Market in Poulsbo is T&C's big brother, worth the trip. Several very good bakeries on Bainbridge too.