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Jul 7, 2011 04:19 PM

2006 Chateau La Louviere Pessac-Leognan rouge, $18.99 at Grocery Outlet

Last week I spotted the 2006 Chateau La Louviere Pessac-Leognan rouge (Importer: W. J. Deutsch) at the Redwood City Grocery Outlet for $18.99. This is a producer that I've enjoyed over the years and it was a no-brainer to grab a bottle to sample. There were about six wooden cases-worth stacked on the floor, and other branches of GO may have more.

We opened it on the Fourth of July to toast General Lafayette (you were wondering what the Independence Day tie-in could be, weren't you), and it's a goodie. Precocious and easy to drink now with plush tannins, riper than typical fruit expression, and good balancing acidity but it will only get better. Red plummy fruit mingled with ash and gravelly mineral notes, but still mostly primary and a bit shy in the nose after more than an hour in the glass. Decant to serve in the near term.

I'd concur with RP's 87-point score. Well worth the price and a good opportunity to stock the cellar.

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